The Little Surprises

As a mom nothing should surprise me. But once in a while my kids manage to in the most unexpected ways. I love watching them grow and turn into these beautiful, caring, kids. I normally talk about my daughter but today I wanted to tell you about my son.

My son normally has anxiety issues. The slightest change and he just melts down and it something we deal with and he is getting better at controling and talking things through. But with that comes an amazing photographic memory as well. You can take him some place and he will be able to tell you exactly where to go even days or weeks later to get to where you need to be. For example- when we moved. He was afraid our family couldn’t find us. We took him to our new town, let him meet his teacher. A few days later we were visiting with my mom. He told her what all she needed to pass to get to our new house. We were just in aw.  Since moving though- he is more calm, his anxiety attacks are less and less. He just is over all more happy.

But that isn’t the only transformation. He has had a spiritual one as well. He has chosen to be baptized and fully understood what that met. He has joined boy scouts and is all about helping other’s now. This winter we had a blizzard and our neighbor was out of town. Our son spent 2 days clearing our neighbors drive way so he could get into it when he returned.

Fast forward to this summer and out of the blue he started holding doors open for ladies. He even makes his sister and I wait to get out of the car so he can open the doors for us. But my proudest moments have been the past few weeks.

Memorial Day- we had a tornado hit a town south of us. The next day we got a call from church asking to come help clean up… My husband and I talked about it but wondered what our small kids could do. In walks in my son “Mommy I want to go help the people, can we please?” We tried to tell him that there really wasn’t much he could do. But he insisted. We wanted to embrace his concern so we took him. He was quiet the trooper. Both the kids were. They were dragging tree limbs that they could to the piles, picking up the small branches. They were doing a great job. I was so proud of them.

The biggest surprise and proud moment was tonight. We were watching the Blind Side. You know that movie about Michael Oher, the football player. Half way through the movie my son informed me that this is his favorite movie. I asked him way (thinking he would say because it was about football) but no. It was much deeper. He informed me because they helped Micheal get out of the rain and because the lady took care of him like a Mommy is suppose to do. Yes- that came out of my soon to be 8 year olds mouth. He fully understood that movie and to know that he would want to help a kid to if we found them just made my heart happy. He could of been thinking of our trip, he could of been more concern about the football, but no it was a geniune concern for Michael. He loves that story because someone helped him and was a “mommy to him”.

All this just reminds me that my little man is growing up. I am so happy with the path he is choosing to take. I only pray that God continues to guide him down this path. If it is His will I can see God leading Danny to be just like his Daddy- in Law Enforcement, where he can help people on a daily basis. The little things make me smile and I couldn’t be prouder of my Little Man.

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