Gift Cards- The gift that keeps on giving! ~#Sponsored

There are times where I hate shopping for gifts. I never know what to get people. So often times, I opt for a gift card. I mean who doesn’t like to shop for something they like. 
Gift cards though can be more usefull then you think though. Gowallet has put together the below infographic to show how! Now days stores have deals where you can buy more then 1 at a discounted price so you can get one for you and one for someone else! Sometimes when you buy one from a grocery store you can earn gas rewards that will help you save up to $1 per gallon! For example right now Safeway is offering you 4X points when you buy gift cards there! 
But then there comes the question of what do you do when you receive a gift card you will never us? Well there are sites like  that allows you to trade your gift cards or sell them!

Again there are so many good things that come with giving gift cards. Gowallet does a great job of showing some ways below. Be sure to visit where you can keep track of your gift cards and their balances. You can also receive some discount offers through them! 

~This is a paid posting sponsored by Gowallet. ~

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