Kissin the Cook Giveaway Hop Coming Soon!

That is right! The Pitch List is teaming up again to bring you a great line up of giveaways! Starting September 4th you will find a wide range of giveaways happening that involve things you will find in the kitchen! You may find some food, some kitchen gadgets and more! You never know so stay tuned for this exciting event!

Gluten Free for Jen is proud to be a part of this event. If you are a company here is how you can be a part of this.

We will feature your item in a total of 2 – 3 posts- First the product review. I will link to your site, have original photos and tell people about your products. The Second post will be in the form of a recipe (depending on product received). Then the 3rd post will be the actual giveaway that will run from 9/4-9/25! All you do is provide the product (full size) for me to review and then sit back and let me do the rest! Once the giveaway is over I will send you the winner information for you to ship the prize!

This is a great way to promote your products (hmmm can we say Christmas ideas as well?). All posts will be promoted on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Google+. The giveaway itself will also be promoted on the pages of other participating blogs!

Feel free to browse my PR page above for my stats and don’t hesitate to contact me to be a part of this wonderful opportunity!

Readers- Check back on September 4th for the fun!

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