Moved- Again!

We are officially moved! I have moved more times in the past year then I have ever wanted to move! Hopefully we wont have to move again. At least not for 10 years (let the kiddos finish school and what not). We finally found an acreage to rent out here. So as soon as we got back from our trip it was time to start packing! The move went really smooth. We had a ton of people come help us so that helped. We have gotten a lot unpacked but still have a lot to do. When I should be unpacking I am out taking pictures! Here are some I have taken:

Sunset through the trees

This is one of the old buildings on the land. And Yes it has an old Texaco sign painted on it

Jen coming out into the field with me. A little country girl already!

Sun setting into the corn

The kids found this swing! 

Mama Flicker feeding her baby 

We are all loving it here. My son is loving the trees to explore. My daughter can not wait to get our horses here (end of August) and my dog is chasing rabbits till her little heart is content (she sleeps very well at night now lol). I am loving all the scenery for photo taking and hubby is just happy to be where he belongs- in the country!  This summer has been amazing between our trip, the move and now I have landed a full time job at the school! God is truly blessing us and I am forever grateful!

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