Our Trip Day 1-3!

Wow. Things are finally starting to settle down from getting back. The trip was absolutely amazing! We left Sunday morning and dropped the dog off at my in laws farm for the week. The first part of the drive that day was nice. Our goal was to make it to Louisville, KY (the half way point) and stay the night there. About halfway through we hit rain. I mean a TON of rain! And we stayed in it pretty much the rest of the day.  By about Indiana it was finally slowing down and we finally got ahead of it! I gotta tell ya, after all that rain I had a whole no look of the Jason Aldean song- Relentless! But around midnight we finally made it to Louisville KY. There we found a room at Red Roof Inn. The newly remodeled room was gorgeous and cozy! The price was amazing ($48 including tax!) as well.

The next day was more driving. Although this time much better conditions! The altitude did not like our car at first. We had to stop at a rest area right inside West Virginia and let our AC lines thaw out (they were frosted over!), after that the car was good to go! We enjoyed a beautiful scenic drive and the kids did great! We kept stopping to let them run around and explore the mountains a bit. I absolutely love it. The best part was when the kids saw the ocean and the tunnels (Jen had been waiting for a tunnel the whole drive there). We finally made it to Virginia Beach Monday evening where we spent all day Tuesday enjoying the beach and some sight seeing! Here are some pictures from the 1st 3 days of our trip. I will do separate posts for our other adventures!

This is somewhere in West Virginia. So many trees! Much prettier to look at then cornfields!

The Shenandoah Valley. Absolutely breathtaking

Danny noticing the bay (ocean) he could not believe how far it went

Jen seeing her tunnel for the first time. She loved it! This is all she asked for during the 2 day drive!

Jen loved the waves sweeping her back to shore

Hubby trying to get the kids to go further out

Hanging onto her daddy! 

Danny getting hit by a wave
The kids had a blast collect sea shells (my daughter counted over 100 shells) and we tour the 1st Light House to be built in the US, Cape Henry. We were exhausted by the end of the 3rd day but it was back in the car to head to DC and Gettysburg on Day 4! Be sure to check back for those adventures!


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