#Photography Course Week 2 with @ImprovePhoto

Vacation time is over and now it is back to the course I am working on with Improve Photography. I was hoping to finish week 2 before I left, however, I ran out of time.

This week focused on, well being focused! They talked about things that can make a picture blurry and where to focus. This one was a lot easier to “grasp” then the whole aperture and shutter speed thing! And, I got a 100% on my quiz this time!

The week started with introducing the cause of a blurry photo. There are things from the focal point, to camera shake to even the lens, that can ruin a good shot. Then it explained them starting with the focus- one thing I learned was- to focus on the eyes! This was a really cool lesson because I also learned how to change the focal point on my camera. Some other things I learned was about Panning, Motion Blur, and Freeze Motion. Here are some photos attempting to do what they did :

This was my attempt at those really cool water pics that you see where it is almost like the water was painted. 

My attempt at panning. The people are suppose to be blurred. I don’t think I did it right

Motion Freeze- I actually love this picture!

Creative Blur- One of these days I will master this so I can do those cool pictures where people are writing with sparklers.

These pictures are more my forte. I have always been able to do random shots so this was a bit easier for me to do. It was really hard for me to not just say forget it and put the settings on the automatic one. Although (confession time) I did end up doing that with some of the battles at Gettysburg.

This next series I will be learning more about the Digital Photography side of things (RAW vs JPG, Lightroom vs Photoshop type things). I can’t wait to continue learning. This has been amazing so far!

Interested in learning more? Visit https://photoclasses.com to see the class line up and what they have to offer. These classes are very affordable and you can do them at your own pace!

~I am receiving the access to these classes for free in exchange for writing about the company and my experience. No other form of compensation was exchanged!~

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8 thoughts on “#Photography Course Week 2 with @ImprovePhoto

  1. Lisa ~ The SweetTalk Shop

    OH girl, taking the camera off auto is so hard. But some of the images you will capture will be so worth it!!! I agree, getting the shot with lots of action going on is really hard. Keep it up and you will be a pro in no time!!


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