Wendy’s Going Gluten Free ~ #review #sponsored post

Before I left on my trip I touched based briefly on how Wendy’s is helping bring awareness to the Gluten Community and is trying to cater to those who have the gluten diet restriction. You can read my initial introductory post HERE!

On our trip we were able to enjoy a few meals courtesy of Wendy’s! Our first day we stopped for dinner of of the interestate at  902 Highway 47 Warrenton, MO. I have never seen the inside of a fast food place as nice as this one! It was very modern with one of those electric fireplaces (you know- the kind that looks like the fire is on TV).

talk about high tech

It also had one of these cool touch screen soda dispensers! My hubby laughed at me because I was trying to make it work lol (don’t judge I am old school). Now onto their meals! For this one I went with a burger (no bun) and some fries. Be sure to check each location but so far the ones I have ran into cook their fries in separate fryers. I received my burger with two lettuce leaves (creating a bun with them). My daughter got the same thing. I love their burgers! I love that they did not look at me funny when I requested the no buns either!

The next day we stopped for lunch at a Wendy’s at 9015 MacCorkle Ave in Marmet, WV. This was one of my favorite stops. Here is why:

photo courtesy of google maps

Every window you looked out of was a mountain view! It was perfect! This time I tried one of their Baked Potatoes and a side salad with ranch.

Their baked potatoes are huge! I should of just gotten that because I did not eat much salad! It was so hot and I loved the real pieces of bacon they used! Jen just got herself another burger with no bun but hey if she likes it I wont complain! Again- the staff was nice and really helpful, again no odd looks when we requested no buns (around here restaurants of all types tend to look at us funny), and they never acted like they were “put out” by the request.

Over all I am very pleased with our Wendy’s experiences. We did stop at a few other’s along the way that were equally Kind and amazing. This was really helpful as it was often hard to find someplace for us to stop and well when traveling sit down restaurants will get expensive! I think more fast food places should take a lesson from Wendy’s and maybe expand a bit more!

You can find a Wendy’s nearest you on their Store Locator. Also be sure to follow them on  FacebookPinterestTwitter, and Google+!

~This is a sponsored post. I received gift cards in exchange for writing about their gluten free options and my experience at their restaurants. No other form of compensation was exchanged! As will all restaurants please use due diligence to avoid possible contamination and talk to their staff before ordering. Just because we did not have reactions does not mean someone more sensitive will not~

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