Choc-V’s Probiotic ~ #Review

Lately I have been talking about the importance of taking vitamins when being gluten free. See our foods lack essential nutrients which can lead to heart problems later on down the road. So when eating gluten free you have to proactive. And that includes our kids.

Awhile ago I introduced you to a children’s vitamin called Yum-V (sponsor), you can view that review here. They have a great jelly multi vitamin as well as one filled with vitamin D. They also offer a probiotic with a chocolate flavor called Choc-V’s. Taking a probiotic is really important when you have Celiac. Your intestines are damaged, and while going gluten free helps, a probiotic will help it heal more and will help keep your digestive system in balance.

These probiotics come in a bear shape chocolate form. They are fun and tasty for kids so it makes them want to take their vitamins! Each bear has one billion microflora, and 250mg of fiber. They are also coated to help reach the digestive system.

My kids loved these! They ask every morning for their vitamins which how can I argue with them on that! My daughter, Jen, loves anything with chocolate so this was definitely a hit with her. I was bad and tried one. They were really smooth, and had a great white chocolate taste. There was no chalky after taste or bitter after taste, but at the same time they were not overly sweet either. In short- these won this Mama’s heart!
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~I have received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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