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Ok first- let me start by saying I am so excited for this post! I have talked to you guys about Glutino (sponsor) before. So when I opened my email one day and saw one from them asking to be a part of their blog community I was really excited! This was perfect time with Football season coming and school starting!

Glutino has a wide range of products such as baking mixes, cookies, bagels, breads and more! They are currently working on becoming Non GMO Verified and currently have 12 products that are as well!

When the box came with my first set of products I was really excited! Seriously, I think this ranks right up there with my camera! I have been in the mood for football (love my Huskers!) and so these snack were perfect timing. We received a box of their Rosemary & Olive Oil Crackers, and wow! The flavor was subtle, the cracker was crisp like it should be. I normally use crackers to when we have egg salad (I can not eat bread like I used to) so I thought I would give it a try with these. The flavor it added to the egg salad was amazing! I wonder how well they would taste with my Fuerher’s Cheese Spread.

Next up- my daughter’s favorite- The Toaster Pastry’s! One of the things I have been missing since going gluten free are pop tarts. Odd I know but there is just something about them! So I was really excited when Glutino came out with some toaster pastries of their own! They come in Apple Cinnamon and Strawberry flavors. Jen loves the strawberry pastry while my favorite is the apple cinnamon one. Just pop it in the toaster on a low setting and you have a wonderful quick breakfast! They are not dry and grainy tasting either which is another bonus. The filling is just the right amount as well. I wont lie though- I miss the frosting! The taste great with it out but I hope some day they consider adding the frosting to them!

Last but not least- Lemon Wafer Cookies!  These should have a “warning: highly addictive” sign on the front of the box! Let me tell you- if you are mad that the girl scouts got rid of their lemon pastry creams (and that you couldn’t have them any more like me) then these are perfect for you. The perfect amount of lemon with the perfect amount of crunch. These just melt in your mouth send you into a heavenly bliss of yum. I could not stop eating these! I would have to say that by far- these are one of my favorite products. In fact- I have a box of them sitting in my desk at the school for those moments where I just need to “escape” into a day dream.

Overall these products did not disappoint! I love this brand and when ever is just starting out on their GF journey this is one brand I always recommend first. They have products that are perfect for school snacks, football parties and more so be sure to check them out. You can find them using the links below:


~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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