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As you may have read we have recently moved! Things are slowly falling into place. Our house is a nice 4 bed, 2 bath house that was built in 1910. With that said- it is a decent size house with large rooms- but ZERO closet space and storage areas!

I just thought I would take a break from organizing and trying to figure out this space to show you what I have been up against

First- The down stairs. There are 2 “mud rooms” that we have when you first walk into the house. One we keep my exercise equipment in and the dog’s kennel. Then the other we have turned into a pantry (see below picture). The pantry one has a closet for coats and loops into the Kitchen while the main one loops into living space. We even have a nice little built in and a laundry room on this level. Then you have a bedroom (I think it is a bedroom as they have turned the closet into a bathroom). Since there is not a closet we turned it into our office. This is where we need help with! All those books and craft stuff and computer thing and sewing items…Lots of room, just nothing to put it in/on. Need to find a storage solution for that! Then upstairs we have one big bath (with no cabinets!) and 3 bedrooms and then a room that is- I don’t know what! The pictures for those speak for themselves!

Downstairs Issues: Pantry, and Office

This is my closet (there is one rod and then some hooks. 

Bathroom has just that one vanity! There is a tiny medicine cabinet on one wall but this is it! Then as you can tell- the extra room as nothing but walls and a door to the outside (used to be a deck out there)

Kid’s closest. Jen’s is really tight and has no rods so her clothes are on hooks right now. Danny’s is bigger but just has that one row of hooks. He also has that nice built in that he uses. 

So that is it. I wish I could have someone come in and completely organize and make my house look so pretty like you see on those HGTV shows lol. The upstairs bathroom needs updated massively. I do my make up and hair in our down stairs bathroom currently. I need some of those nice organization units for in closest and well everywhere! I love all the original wood work though. I am so happy we finally found a place we can call home!

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