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I love trying new breads but I am always afraid of the price. I hate spending money on something that turns out not so good. So I was really excited to learn of a new product on the market and was asked to give them a try for you guys!

Three Bakers (sponsor) actually started back in 1979 with Joe and his daughter Jane. While in college Joe needed help so he hired a gentleman by the name of Dan, who eventually married Jane. Things were going great with the bakery and the 3 of them worked well together. But things started to turn, Jane became sick all the time, rapidly losing weight. Finally in 2002 the answer came: She had Celiac. There was no more working in the bakery for her. That is when Dan started learning about the different flours and how they worked together. He started making gluten free baked goods and selling them in the original bakery. They were such a success Jane and Dan decided to open up their own, dedicated gluten free bakery.

At Three Bakers you can find breads, rolls, buns, and pizza! I had the pleasure of reviewing their hot dog buns, their hoagie rolls (yes you read that right!) and their Whole Grain white bread.

We started with the hot dog buns because- well my daughter loves her brats! She was really excited to get to have a bun this time! The buns were nice and soft and was not grainy tasting. Jen loved them!

The bread was next. It was nice and soft. Kind of reminded me of a honey wheat as there was a hint of a sweet taste to it. One thing I did have problems with was trying to break it apart when frozen. The slice I got off broke in half. So with this brand I would recommend letting it thaw completely then keeping it in your refrigerator to make it last. It taste great toasted as well!

I highly recommend trying out Three Bakers! There products all look good so I can only imagine how they all taste! One thing I can not wait to try is their Pizza! I miss a good decent pizza so I will have to get one ordered soon!

You can find them on their website and on facebook! You can order their breads online or find a retailer near you!

~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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2 thoughts on “Three Bakers ~ #Review

  1. lorinda courtnet

    I agree. We’ve been gluten free for almost 13 years and Three Bakers, by far, has the best products out there.


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