Why Auctions can be addicting!

It is official! I am addicted to auctions! This was the first time we stayed for a whole auction (and I wont lie this was only my third auction that I attended). I am so glad we did! So why are auctions good? Well first of all you can find awesome items for amazing low prices! Here are a few examples:

Take this 12 piece Arabella by Mikasa serving set. Yep this item was there. I fell in love with it and all other plate sets were selling for $10 so I thought what the heck… yeah mental note- next time check out the maker of the sets so I know what to bid! We were on a budget so hubby said no more then $20 and went off to bid on some furniture. Like I good wife I listened and did not get it. But some lucky lady ended up with this $600 set for only $50! I am 100% jealous of her!

Then there was the original late 1800’s bodices and shawls that I found.. Oh I would of loved to own that shawl- but nope it sold for $70! There were somethings that just went ridiculously high, like a flour tin (about 2 ft tall so a big one) that sold for over $200! But for the most part things went amazingly well!

So what did we leave with? well..We left with a misc box of coasters and magnets for $1. A reproduction 1800 dress for $1 (need to remove the zipper then it will work for reenacting). Some boy scout stuff for $5, about 40 glasses, 5 wine glasses and a serving jar for $7, 8 folding wooden chairs for reenacting for $7, some luggage (can’t remember how much lol) and the big items:

2 of these night stands for only $5 (I think lol)

 The best grab was this table. We got it for 50 cents! Oh the potential in this. I am thinking a kids craft table.

Can’t you just picture it! Some new paint. Maybe some chalkboard paint on the top and that is all! I will do another post on that later!

So that was my day at the auction in a nutshell. We got a lot of stuff and the total bill came to $33!  I saw so many other treasures I would of loved to have but well couldn’t afford. Right now we are just attending auctions for some dishes and book shelves. If you haven’t been to an auction you need to go to one! They are so much fun and you can always find some really cool antiques there!

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