Bacon & Cheese OVER Stuffed Burger!

Sometimes as a Good Cook (sponsor) blogger, I am given a challenge. This time- it was to make the ultimate Stuffed Burger! We are going up against each other to see who can create the best Stuffed Burger. This is going to be one of those- I know I lost lol.

First my idea of the perfect stuffed burger Lots of Cheese and Lots of Bacon! We Love bacon in our house!

First I used my fun new cast iron pan to cook up some bacon! I love cooking with cast iron and one of the things you need to do is season it. What better way of doing that then with some bacon!

After that was done cooking I shredded up some Colby Jack cheese! For this I used my Folder Grater from Good Cook. I love how it has two different size and with my old cabinets the folding makes it easy to store.

For the hamburger part I simply took some of my Code 3 5-0 Rub to season my meat. I then used the Good Cook Stuffed Burger Press to form the patties. You press some meat into the bottom with the flat end- turn it over to use the “stuff end” to form a cavity. Fill it with the crumbled bacon and cheese. Then take some more hamburger and use the flat end again to press the meat together.

Look at how pretty those look! I could not wait to get them cooked! But I will admit- the burgers won this battle. I stuffed them to much and they broke open and while they looked done on the outside (and almost burnt) they were under cooked on the inside! So I think I have some mastering to do! I will get this down eventually! But at least I have a cool press to make my burger patties with now! I also received a really nice 8″ fine edge Chef’s knife, a Flexible Chopping Mat and a Red Nylon Turner to help me create my attempted masterpiece. So I will be having fun using those in my daily cooking!

So here is where the fun starts! Remember how I said we are going up against each other? Well starting tomorrow you have a chance to win this Stuffed Burger Kit yourself! You gain entries by voting for your favorite stuffed burger! So visit to vote for your favorite and to enter to win!

~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review and to create a burger for the contest. I was not compensated in any other way. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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