What to do when your pet wanders?

Ugh! Our dog wandered off again! Here she was doing sooo good! But with harvest going on and hearing coyotes around we just can’t have her doing that. My fear is that she will get ran over by a tractor or a combine or go looking for the coyotes. I just don’t know what to do!

So I am on a mission! I need to find either a wireless fence or an invisible fence. I can not afford one or regular fencing so I am not sure what I will do. She is like one of my kids I don’t know what I would do if we had to get rid of her. But my husband is to that point where he thinks she would be better off in a different home. We have had her since she was a puppy so the kids will be heart broken (my daughter ran to her room in tears with the mention of getting rid of her). I am at a lost as to what to do.

Any tips or suggestions (or will gladly take a wireless system off your hands if you are looking at getting rid of yours!)?

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