Fall Crafts!

I love doing crafts with my kiddos. But I will be honest- I have zero crafting capabilities! I am not that creative. But I had to come up with something cute for Grandparents day at my kids’ school. We had to some how make a center piece using pumpkins or gourds and other “fall” type things. After seeing what students brought in last year I knew I needed to step up my game!

Thanks to Oriental Trading Company (sponsor) I was able to help my kids create two really cute pumpkins!

These were really simple to do! The kids were really excited to do this. And it was simple where I could sit back and relax! Or well- sit back and take pictures. All they had to do was peel the stickers back and place them on the pumpkins! The results: an adorable owl and kitten! I love how my kids ran with it too. My son added legs to his owl, my daughter added fur to her kitten. They were perfect!

But I didn’t want to stop there. Now this is something I wish I would of came up with! Fleece Tie Pillows! This would be simple to make- just cut out a square and then cut some strips on the edges and tie together. Here are ones I received from OTC:

Now if you are like me and lacking crafting skills OTC has a pillow kit all ready for you! It came with 6 pillow kits. Each kit had 2 pieces of fleece already cut and a bag of stuffing (aka batting). All I had to do was go through and tie all the slits together then fill with the batting. Since I do not need 6 of the same pillow I took one to school for one of my special ed students to work on. My kids will make two and who knows what I will do with the other ones!

So there you go. Some cute alternatives to carving pumpkins (we don’t do Halloween so this was way better) and a fun fall craft for your kids to do!

Have fun!

~I received the above products to help with the crafting in exchange for reviewing them. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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9 thoughts on “Fall Crafts!

  1. Alyssa McVey

    I love Oriental Trading! I didn’t get the pumpkin stickers this year, but I’ll definitely have to next year! Those pillows are so cute. They would make great travel pillows.


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