Good Cook Sweet Creations Gets Really Sweet!

I love a good challange! But this one from Good Cook (sponsor) really had me! I thought hey, making some “candy bars” would be easy- oh my!

First let’s start at the beginning. Good Cook challenged their bloggers to use a few of the products to make a unique dish. As in a dish that you normally would not use that particular product for. We had 4 products we could choose from such as a pastry cutter, cookie cutters, a mini bread loaf pan. I went with what I thought would be the easy- cookie cutters! I was super excited. But then I hit a mental block. What on earth could I make using them? My partner in crime (Jess over at Ramblings of a Caffeinated Army Wife) in this case suggested almond bark! I thought that would be fun. Take some, add some mint m&m’s, maybe some candy canes… That is when it went down hill!

First, Jess suggested doing a double boiler. Yes I am a cooking blog- but I had to ask how! I never did one before! I always just melt my chocolate in a pan! Yeah she totally laughed at me, and even blogged about it. Then I went to the store the next day to pick up almond bark and Mint M&M’s. The store did not have my M&M’s! I am sorry that there alone should be illegal. Who does not have Mint M&M’s when all the other Christmas candy is out? I mean come on! Ok- moving on.

I get home and I start melting my Almond Bark- It is looking BEAUTIFUL!

see looking nice and smooth! 

Yep- not so much! I stepped away for less then 30 seconds and asked my son to keep stiring and to make sure it did not move over to the heat. Well he took me seriously and stirred to well and moved it completely away from the heat. It seized… Trash!

Today I picked up more almond bark. This time it just flat out did not want to melt! It stayed the consistancy of mashed potatoes. But determined not to waste it. I mixed in some M&M’s and spread it out. Still determined to prove I can melt things properly I took my bag of Dark Chocolate Chips from Enjoy Life and melted them! Guess what? It worked! Nice smooth, creamy chocolate was poured onto wax paper.

I let the almond bark cool at room temp and my chocolate I placed into the fridge. The results:

While the almond bark (the white bars) are a bit thick they still taste good! The Dark Chocolate ones are my favorite. They would taste better with the Mint M&M’s but I will live I suppose. I love doing this. As you can see you can really have fun with this and do different shapes. You could really make this your one by using different candies too. Maybe some Recess Pieces, or some candy canes. I love things with endless possibilities!

I had a blast doing this project even though almond bark hates me. I would do it all over again and can not wait for the next Good Cook Challenge!

~I received some of the above products for free to assist with this challenge. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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