Learning with Oriental Trading Company ~#review

I have always known Oriental Trading Company (sponsor aka OTC) for their craft stuff and their party items. They always have cute activities and toys so we love to shop on their website.

Well over the years they have added items to assist teachers! They have items from games, to things to decorate your classroom and more! This year they added some fun new learning games to their mix. With working at my kid’s school in their Special Education room I thought this would be a great way to use some of these products.

I received 3 activities: Skip Counting Bingo (pictured above), “I have, Who Has” Rhyming Game, Sight Words Write & Wipe Cards, and some Chalkboard Paint.

I gave the rhyming game to the Kindergarten teachers. This game is very fun to play. You hand out the cards to the kids (each kid getting one card), Then they follow the cards so the first kid will say  “I have start what rhymes with cat?” then kid with that card will say “I have hat, what rhymes with plane” and so on until you get to the end. The goal is to help them read and rhyme. The kids have a lot of fun playing this game. They like to see how fast they can go with it. Each time they play it they get better and better. I would recommend this for Kindergarten-1st grade.

The Sight Word Wipe off is great for us to use in our room for extra help. They come with a marker and I think the best part of this is that more then one kid can use it. They have words from “saw” to “example”. My 4th grader who has autism loves to use these cards. She likes to practice her handwriting so this is a great way for her to practice. They have the dotted writing line to really help the kids get the letters how they should go. I think because of the words used that this would be more for 1st or 2nd grade levels.

The Skip Counting Bing is also being used in our Special Ed room for kids who need a little extra help. They come with cards so the teacher can write on the board 80,___,84 then the students can try to find the correct answer on their Bingo Card. They have cards for 2’s, 5’s and 10’s. This is prefect for 2nd and 3rd grade students. We haven’t had a chance to use them yet but I can not wait to.

Last but not least they have added Chalkboard pant. You can get it in either green or black. I received a couple jars of the green chalkboard paint. I have not had a chance to use this one either but I do have plans for it! I bought a table at an auction for 50 cents. I am going to be sanding it down and repainting it to use in our craft room and I thought it would be fun to paint the top with chalkboard paint so the kids can doodle on it! I can not wait to do that project. Now to just clone myself so I have time too!

If you are a teacher or even home school be sure to check out Oriental Tradings Teacher Section. They have a lot of fun items for your classroom and they are priced amazingly!

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