New Year and a New Us!

So I have been seeing a lot of New Years post and swore I was not going to post one. But then I saw one that my sister in law at For Him and My Family about Praise and it reminded me of all I have to be thankful for this year.

We have had an amazing 2013. This year we have actually been able to afford things! Sorry I know that sounds odd but my husbands job prior to law enforcement has been off and on. Plus we had an $1100 house payment and when we moved we dropped to a $500 house payment. We also sold our old house finally. We took a loss on it but hey- we sold it! That was an important thing!  On the house note, we also found an acreage to rent and now have our horses with us!

Another thing that happened were our first real family trip. We took our kids to the East Coast during the summer. There we went to the Beach, which was also my husband’s first time seeing the ocean, we went to DC and to Gettysburg. We drove for that trip so my kids got to see fun things like Arch in St Louis, the mountains, and a few baseball stadiums (my son was all over that lol). We also made an unplanned stop at Jamestown and took an unexpected ferry ride.

One of the best things that happened though was landing a full time job. I know, but I will no longer be home and what not. However, my kids are growing up. They are at school all day and one can clean the house so much. So I got a job at their school! I am a Special Education Para Educator now. That job is extremely rewarding and really inspiring. Not to mention the perk of being off when my kids are off!

God has truly been good to us this year. We have had some great times, made some great friends and attend a good church. What more could we ask for?!?!?!?!

With that said I can not wait for this year and see what all 2014 has to offer. We are hoping on doing a smaller scale trip (just camping up by Mt Rushmore), my daughter will be showing horses this year, and we are hoping to get her into riding lessons. My son is excited for Baseball and we have Cub Scout camp and more to look forward to! I am looking forward to being able to enjoy the summer and not having to wake up early to sit in an office every day. The other goal I have is to finish my photography lesson and maybe start a client list! Lots to look forward to and here is to the continue blessings of God!

Happy New Year and the best to your family from ours!

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4 thoughts on “New Year and a New Us!

  1. Ashley Gill

    Its such an awesome feeling to dig yourself out of the hole and have a little cash flow to do those things! Congrats on the job. I know when my children are all in school I will have to return to work and I really hope I will have a similar situation as yourself. Dropping the kids at school and being home with them after school is a deal breaker for me. Happy New Year!

  2. Sandra R @My Frugal Savings

    I’m hoping 2014 is as good for us as 2013 was for you and your family! I’m so happy for everything good that has happened to you and for you Kandi.

    I just want a happy grandchild in July and to have a better year with money so I can spend it on the grandchild! LOL 🙂


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