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As many of you know I love subscription boxes. I mean, whats not to love about them? You get products to try right at your door for little cost. And when you are gluten free, getting to try foods with out spending a lot of money is always a perk!

I came across another subscription box that does just that called Cuisine Cube (sponsor). It is really simple to be honest. You join their service for $29.99 a month (that is including shipping). Then you receive a cube full of tasty foods perfect for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and Desserts! Did I mention they are all gluten free?

This month was a great package! It cames with a little sheet that tells you what is in it and what it is recommended for. Here is what I received (and my thoughts):

Simply 7 Sea Salt Quinoa Chips:  These are a wonderful crunchy treat. Just the right amount of salt and tasted great with a Salsa Con Queso type dip.

Free For All Olive Oil & Sea Salt Crackers: Where on earth have these been the past 2 years? They are the closest thing to Saltines that I have had in a long time! They were perfect in my chicken noodle soup!

Farabella Potato Gnocchi: I honestly never had Gnocchi before. I didn’t know how to cook them or any of that. Luckily I talked to my friend over at Caffeinated Army Wife and I can ask her goofy questions with out her laughing at me. Ok so some laughing occurs! But back to topic. These were surprisingly good! Not something I would have on a frequent bases but still good.

Le Veneziane Coconut cookies: Now I was hesitant on these- I am not a big Coconut person. But you could not taste the coconut in these! They were more like those really good shortbread cookies you can get in those blue tins around Christmas times (I believe they are called Danish Butter Cookies). They were heavenly. I had a hard time sharing those. The Popo even ate some!

FlourBuds Raspberry Crumble Tart: There are no words to describe this! This I did keep to myself. It was a melt in your mouth piece of yum! I am going to have to check out their other products!

Over all I was really impressed with their box! I could not believe the products that came in it and for the price! I found some new products that I love and must find locally!

You can order your subscription box by visiting their website! Right now they are taking orders for their April 1st box so hurry up and order!

~I received the above product in order to facilitate an honest review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions!~

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