Glutino and the amazing Soft Bread ~ #Review

I have introduced you to some amazing Glutino (sponsor) products in the past. Glutino has easily become one of my favorite go to brands since going gluten free. I have yet to find a product of theirs that is not amazing!

I was recently sent some of their bread to give it a try. I received a loaf of White and a loaf of Multigrain bread.

Let’s start with the White:

This was a lighter, more fluffy bread that what you see with gluten free breads. It also were larger slices. There was something about this bread that reminded me of a sourdough bread. We normally toast our bread for simple sandwiches but this one made a great peanut butter and jelly with out being toasted! So that was nice.

The Multigrain bread- My daughter wasn’t to big on this one, but I really enjoyed it! It tasted great as a sandwich or even just some simple cinnamon sugar toast!

They also have a cinnamon raisin bread. That one I am going to have to check out one of these days. We love cinnamon raisin bread!

These breads really are amazing. I love the taste and the texture of them. Another favorite part of them for me is the cost. They are really priced decently for a gluten free product and it does not sacrifice the quality.

You can learn more by visiting their website. Also be sure to stay up to date with their social media:


Want to try their products? Right now they have their Beat the Wheat game. Click on the tiles to reveal the prizes, match the prize you win that item! Click on the wheat symbol and you lose that round. Simple as that! You can win coupons for their amazing products, tshirts, baseball caps, $25-$100 shopping spree on their website and more! You can win daily. I have already won a coupon for $1 off their fruit bars, $1 off their baking mix and one for $1 off their pretzels! So head on over there now before the promotion ends!

~I received the above products in order to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. I am in no way affiliated with the Beat the Wheat game. I do not gain anything by mentioning that and I am not responsible for the game in any way. ~

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