What is in a name?

“What is in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Oh how I love Shakespeare. Romeo and Juliet is by far my favorite one though. I could read Shakespeare all day long! But his rose quote is one I think of often.

Why? Because it is so true. It doesn’t matter what you call something it doesn’t change what it is. And this thought of mine goes with everything. But the recent thing is: telemarketing.

Yes. Telemarketing. I had that job once. I have done both inbound and outbound telemarketing so I tend to take pity on those people. To an extent. I like others, draw a line.

Ok so you want to know what does Shakespeare quote about a name have to do with this. It starts with a trend I am noticing. The “I am not a telemarketer I am a marketing specialist”. I hate to pee in your cheerios- but you are still a telemarketer. Let me break it down for you:
Tele: Short for telephone, something you use to talk to someone when you can not be face to face, an object to which you call someone on. 
Marketing: When you try to sell something to a targeted audience, to persuade to purchase your product or sign up for your service. 
Put the compound word together you get “Telemarketing”: Marketing a product or service over the phone.
You can call yourself a Marketing Specialist all you want. You can deny to me that you are not a telemarketer while you are trying to get me to sign up for your service all you want. It doesn’t change what your company truly is: A telemarketing service.
I will wait while you get your kleenex. I know your boss lied to you. I am sorry. But it is the truth. And I am stating this because people do not realize there are laws that such companies must follow. So for those of you who are not aware of your rights as a consumer receiving these calls here are some. 
  1. They must announce at the beginning what company they are calling on behalf of and where the company is located. (ie: They must say this is XYZ company in (enter state or city/state here).)
  2. If you tell them not to call. They are required to take you off their calling cycle for AT LEAST 6 months. Then they can place you back on their cycle. 
  3. Even if you are on the Do Not Call Registry, companies you have done business with or debt collectors can still call you. 
Ok so those are the top 3 that were beat into me when I did telemarketing. But companies violate that on a daily basis! Since Feb 12th I have been dealing with a number (561-463-8324). I am putting this number out there so you guys can be aware of this potential scam. The first call came in on 2/12 in the afternoon. They called twice that day- neither time I answered because I did not recognize that number. Then on 2/13 they called again in the morning. I was with students so I didn’t see the miss call until 10ish. Curiosity struck me (which it shouldn’t of) thinking maybe it is important, if not I can tell them to stop calling and they will. I call the number back and some guy with an Indian accent told me I could qualify for additional Medical Compensation. No company name, nothing! I told him I would not answer any questions because they are not with my insurance company and they are to stop calling. Problem solved. Right?
WRONG! On the 17th they called again! This time I was on my way home from school so I was able to answer. They actually tried to tell me they were not a telemarketer and do not have to provide me with a company name or location! I broke down the term telemarketing to the guy and he just stumbled over his words. I firmly told them that we are a law enforcement family and that my Popo will have fellow Popo’s investigate (no not in those terms) and that if they called again I would turn them into the Attorney General for harassment. Once I hung up I filed a complaint on the FTC website. Problem again, solved. 
WRONG AGAIN! This number does not stop! They called again on 3/5- I recognized the number so I did not answer thinking if I ignore they will go away. They called again on 3/10- this time from an unknown number. I answered curious as to who it was- they blocked their number from me! Oh did they get an earful. I informed them that a Popo was listening in and we are going straight to the Attorney General and blocking the number does not give them the right to call and hung up. I again filed a complaint with FTC, as well as the Do Not Call Registry, and yes, I contacted our Attorney General to see if harassment charges can be pressed. I also had my carrier block their number so hopefully they can not call again!
So if you get annoying calls from the same person- remember your rights! Do not be afraid to take time to report them. It took me 5 minutes if that! And please watch out for anyone calling to see if you qualify for Medical Compensation. That should be a no brainer but sadly to many fall victim to such scams and have their identity stolen (I used to work in a fraud department).
If you have been receiving calls from an unwanted source you can report it HERE. They give a link to reporting it on the Do Not Call Registry as well if you would like. Then there is always your State Attorney General!
In the mean time- hopefully this number will finally quit calling me and hopefully one of the 3 places I reported them to will do something soon! 
~This post is not meant to be legal advice. I am not a lawyer or an expert in this department. Just bringing up things I learned while on the job.~

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  1. Deli

    This guy/company is too much! They should really know when to stop. And yes, they are just trying to call themselves another name but the truth is as clear as day.


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