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I have been blogging for about 2.5 years now. First of all can I just say I can not believe it has been that long! Where does time go!

Over that time my blog has grown. And with growing comes more giveaways. I started out using one platform and then another. But there is one I have been using that I will continue. It is easy to use and navigate and my readers have not had any issues following the tasks on it.

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I bring to you Promosimple! I love this tool! It isn’t only a giveaway platform but also a way to network your giveaways. With promosimple you can quickly create a giveaway and customize the form to what you need! Now you can add a picture to your form, add newsletter subscriptions, create sweepstakes/contest for instagram/facebook/twitter/and Pinterest and so much more!

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One thing I like is that you can easily keep track of your giveaways. On your main dashboard screen you have a listing where you can edit, pause, duplicate or go straight to the report.  Then the report screen is equally easy to follow. It has a graph so you can see which giveaway does the best, then it lists how many entrants it has and when it started. You can export this data to excel as well.

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Now setting up your giveaway for your blog is easy as can be. First you come up with a title, and the basic information. Then you add your bonus screen options such as following on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, leaving comments…. I could go on! They do have an option where they auto verify that these steps are being completed. I love that I no longer have to dig through my list of followers to try to find someone to confirm they did what they said. It makes selecting a winner go that much quicker!  Once you have that determined you go through and set options like if they see how many people enter, if they see their own entry totals, the rules and more. Last but not least- customize! change the heading color, the back ground color. Add a product picture to the title. Make it your own!

Now I will be honest- some of these features are not available with the free version. But most of them are. When I was using the free I had no problem getting facebook followers or entries. The biggest difference between their Free and their Business is that I can make it personal. I like that I can make the form unique and not like the cookie cutter form. I still have all the bonus entry options plus a few extras. Over all I have been happy with the Business option.

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Last but not least as to why you should use promosimple: Their Giveaway directory! Yep! All giveaways created automatically listed on their Giveaway Directory! And boy do they have some amazing giveaways listed on here right now! For example a Bob’s Red Mill Cookbook giveaway, a sewing machine, $50 Amazon gift card and more! Your giveaway will be listed among these great prizes from other companies/bloggers! They also have a nice little scroll widget (yes this can be used on blogger too) that lists just your current giveaways. That way your readers can find them all in one location on the side bar. As you can see from mine above- it is feeling pretty lonely! I need to get on that!

If you are a blogger or a company I highly recommend checking out all of what Promosimple has to offer. I have had to reach out to them once for technical issues but they were quick to reply and were able to help me resolve it with out making me feel dumb,. In short- their customer service and products are beyond what I have expected!

You can learn more about Promosimple by visiting their website. Or follow their social media below:

Sign Up for Giveaway Directory Newsletter (or just check out the amazing giveaways)

Pinterest (all the giveaways you could wont broken down in catagories!)

Google+ (also has some giveaways promoted)









~I have always used Promosimple prior to this post so the thoughts are organic in nature. I was recently asked to blog about my experience in using their services for as long as I have and in exchanged they have upgraded my account to a Business account. No other form of compensation was exchanged. ~

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