A Stormy Mother’s Day


In the center of the picture there are at least 3 rain wrapped vortexes a few minutes later this hit town.

Sorry I have been a bit quiet and off and on with my posting this week. If you are a follower on my facebook page then you probably know on Mother’s Day we had some unwanted excitement. We knew what was coming we just were not expecting it to be as bad as it was.

The above picture was taken in front of my house. We didn’t know it at the time because it is rain wrapped but the tornado was there. My kids were smart and already in the basement because the power went out (so they went into panic mode). The Popo and I were standing out there watching the rotation in the clouds. The horses were not taking cover, yet. Then they did and the Popo got the call- Tornado just hit town! He quickly got his gear on and headed up to help.

PicMonkey Collage2

Luckily there was only one injury, the Police Chief had his windows blown out and received minor scratches from that.  The guys from the VFD were trying to get the emergency vehicles out of town so they wouldn’t get damaged in case they needed them. That unfortunately did not work out well. Windows were blown out of not only the Police Chief’s cruiser but one of the emergency trucks. They also had a hose sucked off the truck but were able to retrieve that quickly.

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The worse hit places were businesses. One is an oil company and as you can see they had huge tanks just knocked over like twigs. We are getting a Dollar General and the beams they just put up were twisted and on the grown.  Then (not pictured) one of the Arial sprayer planes had a door go through a wing. But worse part was our Down Town area. Our City Hall (picture on the right with the flag) lost their roof and offices. Our grocery store (lower left) had roof damage and the awning destroyed and I could go on.

10320452_399957700144397_1407893372442118680_n PicMonkey Collage3


The true blessing is that for the most part houses escaped with minor damage. We did have one family in town lose their home and then a few others out in the country. But considering what could have happened, that to me is a blessing. Most of the damage was very mature trees that were snapped in half or in some cases (like pictured above) completely uprooted. Our little town is strong though. By the end of the next day streets were mostly cleared, large debris from downtown cleared off and that was with no power. The town went 2 days with out it.  Giant piles of evidence of a tornado lay in the school parking lot and the town dump. The best part- our grocery store is back up and running again!

This storm as taught me several lessons. First- never assume. We are truly lucky that we did not have it turn and hit us or have another one drop down from the clouds we were watching. Second- never underestimate the understanding of your 7 year old. If you talk to her about it she will flat out tell you that “God did not want people to get hurt so he told it to stop.” Last- I am totally not prepared for stuff like this!

We live on a farm so when the power goes out we lose our water as well (we run off a well). We have plenty of lanterns from our reenacting so that isn’t an issue. But before next time I need to stock up on jugs of water and batteries. I also want to try to get a power pack so I do not have to keep running out to my car to charge the phone.  I am sure there are other things but I need to sit and make a complete list and kit.  Let’s hope and pray I have a long time before I need it though!





~A thanks goes out to Anna from the Sutton Volunteer Fire Department who allowed me to use the photos in this post. The very first one of the clouds was taken by me, however the rest were all her doing!~ 

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6 thoughts on “A Stormy Mother’s Day

  1. Char W.

    This must have been very frightening. I can’t imagine even seeing anything like that. We have never been through a tornado, but have experienced a few hurricanes.

  2. Debbie Denny

    I always keep a couple cases of water in our shelter plus several dozen frozen water bottles in the deep freeze. Hubby takes some to work and we always have it if we lose electric. So glad you all are ok. Horrible damage.


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