All Aboard Fritz’s!


When we were talking to some people about our trip to Kansas City we were constantly told- GO EAT AT FRITZ’S. Wow. This place must be good since a lot of people recommended it.  Little Man loves trains so why not. It helped that they had a location in Crown Center which was where we were spending our day.

IMG_20140503_122754443I know I normally do not post pictures of the kids but I just had to post this one of  Little Miss and Little Man waiting to be seated. They had this train outside of their restaurant with a little seat on it. And yes, the wolf ears are still on at lunch time (in case you missed it we stayed at Great Wolf Lodge the night prior). The wait to be seated was not long even though pretty much every table was full when we got there.

We were greeted by a wonderful hostess who asked if we had ever been there. When we told her no she explained how everything worked once she had us seated. My kids were loving all the trains.



We were taking a look at the menu and could not believe how reasonable the prices were! They had burgers, hot dogs, chili dogs, chicken items.  Ordering was really simple to. It was one of those situations where you pick up a phone, push a button then tell them what you would like.  They bring out your drinks themselves but just wait to you see how the food comes to you! While we waited my kids had a blast watching this try go by every so often. I love restaurants that keep kids busy in this sense. Makes waiting for food so much more tolerable! Now for the part the kids loved the most. This was so fun watching them try to guess where it was stopping:

PicMonkey Collage

Yes you are seeing that right! A train brings out your food! It moves around a track then if it is yours a lever drops down. As the train is going by the lever pushes the box onto a tray. The tray then lowers to your table and you can grab the box from there.  The kids each had a hot dog (Jen no bun of course), hubby had a strawberry shake and I had a simple salad. Or so I thought:



Look at all that yum! Cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, cheese, and for those of you who like them, onions! So much salad! The server was really polite and came by to check on us once we had our food. Once done we took our tab up to the counter to pay for our food. While there I was able to talk to someone I am assuming was the manager. I asked what they suggested for those who are gluten free and the guy was very polite about it. Told us he normally tells people to get the double burger with no bun and a side of fruit or the salad.

We were so impressed with the service and the food that we decided to have dinner there as well. We could of driven around and tried to find some place but we were already at Crown Center and knew the food was good. I am really glad some friends recommended this place to us. It was well worth it and each meal for the 4 of us was around $20 (you can get a 1/4 burger for $3.69!).

If you are going to be in Kansas City be sure to stop by and visit them with one of their 3 locations! Also be sure to check them out on Facebook!






~I was not compensated and in no way obligated to write up this post. From time to time I like to share exceptional service with my readers because I feel they need to know what is available to them. ~

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    1. Kandi Post author

      It is! I wish I had a video of the train dropping off the food. It is really neat to watch.

  1. Char W.

    I love reading reviews like this. Gives you good incite of where to eat if you’re ever in town.


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