Taking to the DNA with @ancestry!


Wow. It has been awhile since I have updated you on our journey to solve my family mystery. I have searched, joined boards, and tried spellings and have come up empty handed! I can not get past my Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Kopcho! I am officialy stuck!

So I am going to try one more service that Ancestry.com offers dna testing to help people predict Ethnicity and connect you to others who have taken the test. It could be a way to start building your tree or to dig into what you have started.

The test itself was harmless and easy. All I had to do was spit in a tube, put a lid that had some stabilizing agent in it and mail it back in! That was it! Now I just wait to see what comes of it. Their FAQ session was showing that it could take 6-8 weeks to see results. I can not wait to find out if this will help me solve my mystery of who Andrew Kopcho and Sophia Kopcho are and where they came from.


To have the DNA testing done is $99. But I believe that is a cost well worth it to find out where you come from! Especially since you can connect to family you never knew about!

Learn More by visiting the DNA FAQ Section. Stay tuned for updates on what came of my tests! In the mean time I am going to keep digging for answers about Andrew & Sophia!






~This is an Ancestry.com sponsored posting. I have received a membership in exchange for blogging about my adventures of discovering my family tree. I also received the DNA testing in exchange for talking about it and informing readers about it. All thoughts in opinions are my own honest opinions. ~

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