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This summer Scholastic (sponsor) is reaching for the stars! They have brought back their Summer Reading Challenge in hopes to beat the 2013 World Record of 176,438,473 minutes. And by the looks of their page they can easily do that! I think this program is great because as a para I see it all to often where a child who doesn’t read during the summer falls behind on reading and has to redo some lessons. This helps keep them motivated and reading!

My kid’s school participated in this last year and are joining in again this year. It is a free program to participate in and just encourages kids to read. The kids log in each week and record how many minutes they read each day.




Once your child is logged in they have a spot where they can log their minutes read for each day. It gives them a challenge and shows them where they are at for that weeks challenge and how many total minutes they have logged. The more the read the more badges they earn and they can even enter for chances to win free books!

Teachers there is a section for you where you register your students and it is full of printable materials to help you encourage students to participate. Also you get a chance to win 50 books! Parents never fear! You can register your children! This is great for those of you who homeschool to participate in such a great program!

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Scholastic’s Summer Reading Challenge is going on now (started May 5th) and goes through Sept 5th, 2014! It is not to late to join in. My son is really excited to have just received this great reading package from Scholastic. He loves this series and was excited to have his own books, and yes his own flashlight!! Stay tuned for a review on the books!

Please join us as we participate in this during the summer. I will be posting weekly updates as to how much my kids are reading. We are off to a slow start (as you can see from above).

You can learn more by visiting the Scholastic Website!






~My son received a few of the books from his favorite series. Both of my kids were already participating in this challenge prior to receiving the goody bag from them. No other form of compensation is exchanged. The above thoughts are my own and honest opinions~

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12 thoughts on “Read Under the Stars with Scholastic

  1. Erin S.

    Going to have to look into this for my kids. They really love to read and I constantly have to go find my daughter who’s off somewhere hiding with a book!

  2. Debbie L.

    Great program – I pulled up Isa’s school. Isa is signing up – she loves to read and this is a great way to encourage reading during the summer months. I am sharing on my social medias! Great program!!

    1. Kandi Post author

      My kids enjoyed doing it this year but now my son has a series he can not put down so I am sure we will be logging more minutes! Luckily my battle to get my kids to read comes from they would rather be outside playing. So we may have some outdoor reading days ahead of us!

  3. Char W.

    This is fantastic. I’m going to sign my boys up. Told my year old a few weeks ago that smart boys always ready. So far he’s reading a book every other day so I hope to have him reading daily by the time school starts. Thanks again.


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