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Well I have some good news and some bad news about my search for family. The bad news is: I am still stuck! I thought I had someone who was willing to help me but I have not heard anything from them and well received nothing more then what they originally told me. I guess that is how things go. I also reached a brick wall with some family members online who in a private message told me to quit asking. So my Aunt is going to call one of them to find out why and what information we can get.

The good news is: Before I was told to quit asking questions I did receive some information! Some fascinating information in my opinion was about my Great Grandpa Andrew. I still do not know his parents name, however, I did learn he had a brother that STAYED THERE! Yep! So I probably have family over there in that region. Now how to find them?!?!?!?!  But more importantly why does my family not want to talk about it? What happened?

Bank Note 2 Bank Note

Well the story I have gotten so far is that Great Grandpa Andrew came over here on a Turkish Boat via Italy from what we understand. I am still not finding him on passenger lists- just the previous one I showed you which came from Greece. So starting to wonder which is accurate. But it is the back story that interests me the most! Here is what I was told:

 “As far as I know, Kopcho, is spelled that way. Baba was from Hungary and Gigi was from what is now Slovakia. I’m pretty sure they were in towns along the boarder. I have a Bank of Madyar paper money that Gigi brought over when he immagrated to the US. I think the reason he came over is to avoid being drafted into the Russian army. The revolution was going on between the Red and White Russians. Baba’s maiden name was Maleta. There seems to be alot of Kopcho’s in Slovakia. I think its a common name that has some connection with minning. Gigi was a Anthracite coal minner. There is a coal minning museum in Scranton that you can go underground to see the actual working conditions and history. Thats why the Kopcho’s are so tuff!”

The person who sent that message to me then sent me the above pictures of the front and back of the Bank Note that Great Grandpa Andrew (Gigi is what they call him to this day). I did also learn that he had a brother that stayed over in the Slovakia area. I was unable to get his name but I hope to find that out soon. It is fun and exciting to know that I may still have family over there!

So that is where I am at. I still get DNA matches through Ancestry. Recently they sent me a possible match for someone in Texas. Not sure if I can connect us but it would be fun to see if I can! I also found out that TLC and Who Do You Think You Are have a giveaway going on! One lucky viewer will have a chance to #win a trip for 2 to your homeland, access to personal historians to help you like they do on the show, spending cash and more! You can learn more about how to enter and the prize on the Blog. I am going to be entering weekly because I would LOVE to have the access that the people have on that show! I think for one episode the should feature an average joe! I would gladly volunteer for that if they did! Until then- hopefully and maybe I will win their giveaway!







~I received a subscription and a DNA kit from as a sponsor to this family search I am doing! No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. ~

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  1. Noreen Tibor

    My family has also been and have had some problems in getting information.on family from.Slovakia
    .But it has been very interesting
    God luck with your search for your forefathers!!


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