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I love shopping at HyVee. it is one of the few places around here where I can find a HUGE selection of my Gluten Free foods while saving money on them. We all know how expensive our foods can be so saving in one way or another is even better! In the past they have done a fuel saver where you can save so many cents off if you spend a certain amount in groceries. The more you spent the more in fuel you will save. Now they have an even better deal with their Fuel Saver Card! This is a great weekend to do some great grocery shopping and earn rewards in more then one way!

Now through Sept 2nd- buy gift cards at your local HyVee store BEFORE you shop and you can earn Free Gas and extra credit card rewards! Here is how:

• Fuel Offer: Get $.10 off per gallon of gas when you buy a $25 gift card from JC Penny, Lane Bryant, Cold Stone, Jiffy Lube or Xbox. Earn $.20 off if you buy a $50 card! (Fuel rewards can be redeemed at HyVee and Casey’s fuel stations with your HyVee Fuel Saver rewards card.)

• Earn Credit Card Rewards: By using your favorite rewards credit card to purchase gift cards, you can earn points, miles or a percentage back on your purchase. Some credit cards even offer increased rewards for purchases made at grocery!

This weekend you can also save 9% when you purchase $50 in participating gift cards!  When you buy a $50 gift card you earn $.20/gallon of gas. That’s $3 in savings for a 15 gallon tank. You also get $1.50 back: If you earn 3% on grocery purchases through your credit card
rewards program.

With all these great deals going on I plan on doing some shopping since I will be going to town this weekend for the fair! There is no better way to spend the weekend: having fun, shopping and saving money!






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