So this is what Silence is……………….


Yep. This is how I feel! We have had a busy summer this year. Baseball, horse riding lessons, cub scout camp, church camp and now my kids are at their grandparents for the weekend. It has dawned on me, that I have not been away from my kids for this long! EVER!

Don’t get me wrong, I have been gone weekends with out them in the past as we let them spend a weekend with each set of grandparents. However, They were gone for 5 days last week and now 5 days this week. That is almost 2 weeks with out kids! What on earth does a mom do with herself?!?!?! We all look forward to that quiet time, that “me” time. But I won’t lie- It is kind of boring! Then again the Popo works nights so right now it is literally just me, myself, and I. Well my dog, and our barn cats, and our horses. If I knew how to ride better then what I do, I would go on one, but I can barely even saddle a horse! Ok so don’t laugh at that one, they are the Popo’s horse, I married into them lol. So what does a mom do?

Well first I started this two week time away from kids with going on a ride along with the popo. That was actually kind of fun and I am very much thankful for the “Oh Sh**” handle. The way they have to whip around to catch speeders! I also gained a whole new respect for him. He patrols a very rural area. As in we didn’t see any cars come 9pm! The ones we did see were only because we were grabbing a drink and a snack at a gas station. The next day the Popo took the afternoon off from his second job (yes I said second- he works 7 days a week). We drove into the city (an hour away) did some mild shopping, some day dream shopping, then enjoyed dinner at Red Lobster. I have not been there in about 9+ years so it was just what I needed. And yes- I cheated- I couldn’t resist the heavenly cheddar bay biscuits and I am paying for it still lol.  The rest of the week was pretty uneventful until Friday. I was able to pick my kids up and bring them home from camp! Lot’s of cuddle time was had.

Fast forward 4 days to today- we drove our kids to their grandparents for the weekend. Now this time around is a bit different because the popo’s schedule changed. So now it is literally just me all night for 4 nights. So far I have painted my nails and I made myself a really amazing meal. Ok so I cheated some and used Alfredo sauce in a jar. But it still tasted great! And I love Moscato and it is a very rare treat for me so I treated myself to a glass tonight. But now I find myself wondering what now? Tomorrow & Friday during the day I will be busy, Saturday morning I will be busy. But what else can a mom do when she is on her own?


So I want to hear from you- When the kids are gone what do you do?





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6 thoughts on “So this is what Silence is……………….

    1. Kandi Post author

      I need to find some good books to read. I appear to be on a historical fiction kick so maybe I will dig one of those out to read. Or my Hemmingway (I love his A Farewell to Arms)

    1. Kandi Post author

      lol Krista I was just telling some friends that I never thought that as a mom I would say my house is TOO quiet! I miss them and can not wait to see them tomorrow! I can handle a weekend away but 10 days is almost to much!


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