Where we have been and #HGTV where are you?!?!

I wanted to thank you all for your patience and support over the past few days. We moved last week and are still trying to get our life back together! It has been a crazy house buying experience but now I am ready to move on and get to fixing up this old beauty.

This house was built in 1913. So it has had some updates to it and some expansions. But it was built as a 3 story for lots of kids. So yes- we have a full finished 3 story house now. Which equals lots of love to give. I am going to have my hands full on this. Here are some inside pictures:

PicMonkey Collage

So the house we moved into has been sitting empty for 7 years. The lady has tried to keep it up as much as possible but it was just to much. So here is what we are dealing with- First picture is part of our kitchen. It is actually really big, lots of cabinets and counters. BUT, there are only 4 drawers. Otherwise just the flooring and backsplash needs redone. and some fresh paint. Next up is the living room. Paneling galore! And it continues on into the dining room! I have never seen so much paneling! Carpet will be replaced,  more like pulled up and wood floors refinished. Some fresh paint and we should be good.

Next though the bigger work- the two bathrooms. Right now we only have 1 working bathroom and that is the one with the carpet and tub. I have this thing against carpet in a bathroom so that is going to go. The blue bathroom upstairs needs the most work. It has a hallway leading into it so we will cut that in half, turn the half with the door to the hallway into a linen closest. then the other part will have a shower. We will then replace the toilet and sink to turn it into a master bath (there is a door leading to it already). Since there is really odd space (the center picture) in the upstairs we will turn it into a bathroom as well. It is a space small enough to not be a bedroom (not to mention there is no window or closet) but big enough to fit a tub, sink and toilet in it. Once we get these two bathrooms one- the ugly carpeted bathroom down stairs will be converted to a laundry/powder room.

Last but not least the bedrooms. They all need some fresh paint and some finished floors. As you can see I have a lovely drawing of Chip & Dale on my walls (and glow in the dark stars on my ceiling). The house as a whole needs updated electrical. Some rooms have updated things others have either these knobs (the very last lower right pic) or push button for switches. Except the upstairs “bathroom” there are no switches what so ever. So electrical will be updated and since there is no AC that will be done as well.

Whew! Lots of projects coming up! I will definitely be blogging about them as we do them. We have no equity in our home so we will have to do what we can when we can. Between our jobs we do not make to much (law enforcement and para educator) so I will be talking remodeling on a budget. Now to start watching more HGTV then what I already do to get ideas. Unless I can get HGTV to come out to Nebraska and help us fix up, restore, and organize! That would be a dream come true and even then I would blog about it!

So, this is why I have been MIA. As we finish unpacking I will be getting back to blogging. Stay tuned for the fun adventure we are about to have!


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