A Search for Answers

*Below is a post written by Liz Droesch, a mother and Jamberry Nails Rep. Liz is kind enough to share her story about her son and the desperate search to find answers to his illnesses. You wouldn’t believe what they learned!*


In looking back, I feel like we should have known. How did we not know? Weren’t the signs pretty obivious? Terrible gas, eczema, colicky crying, constipation, the alarming amount of spit up (about 3-4 costume changes a day for both of us) and so much night waking. SO. Much. We were devoted attachment parenting followers. What were we doing wrong? I was completely self-sacrificing. I became hooked on several canceled televisions series on Nextflix as I held my swaddled babe and bounced him on a yoga ball for every nap. I had read the ‘right’ books that would lead us to a parent-child relationship paradise filled with good times and every need met before a need was even known (Yes, you guessed it, this was our first child). Why, then, did it seem my baby was not the ‘happiest baby on our block’?

When we told our pediatrician about our concerns our son was about 6 weeks we were gently consoled that he was perfectly normal as the doctor patted our heads and told us about gas drops. We drove as fast as we legally could to the nearest Walgreens to get the magic potion that would make all our parenting troubles disappear. To our disappointment, it helped but did not add hours of sleep to our nights. We tried other ways of soothing our baby like the $40 sound machine with womb sounds that we were SURE would give us the rest we all longed for. Nope, did not happen. Or how about those GALLONS and GALLONS of water we wasted running the tub to try to comfort our boy? I used to tease him that we were just not going to bathe him for a year to make up for it.

Why wouldn’t he SLEEP?!

I mean, really, who doesn’t love sleep? Well, anyway, we figured it was just the luck of the draw and our horrible ability to parent (mom-guilt anyone?). I began giving up foods when Jett was 8 weeks. I gave up eggs and that helped quite a bit. I then gave up dairy when he was 6 months. Those were the two foods I abstained from while I nursed him. It wasn’t until last December did I begin to consider becoming gluten free.  It was our chiropractor who was the one to encourage this change in diet. Finally in February 2014 we went fully and completely gluten free.  I’ve looked back a few times as I missed having rolls with soup or grilled cheese sandwiches. I loved to bake from scratch but my attempts with gluten free and still being egg free have been…pretty awful, but they’re getting better! Overall, though, this has been a very positive change for us.

Fast forward to now. Very recently, we received the results that we had been looking for. Our child has food allergies. A lot of them. Peanuts, almonds, hazelnuts, citrus fruits, whole wheat (not gluten, though), legumes, tomato, goat milk, casein, cheese, spelt, yogurt, zucchini squash (did you notice that EGG was not on the list?? We’re slowly trying that out now).  I’m not sure why food allergies weren’t considered before (between Crohn’s disease in the family and the alarming rise of food allergies these days, we were strong candidates). It is so relieving to finally have validated the months and months of sleep deprivation, struggles and concerns we’ve been living with since Jett was born. Hey, family, see? We’re not crazy!! We might be now, but we weren’t back then!

We are now working with a few doctors (a chiropractor, naturopath and a DO-we also have a family doctor who hasn’t offered much help and gives me a sympathetic look whenever I talk about food allergies) to figure out if we can help our little boy be healed of his ‘leaky gut’ or whatever it is. We’re going to do some further testing and are looking into the GAPS diet.

Amidst all this, I began working from home as Jamberry Nails consultant, to help cover costs of all this testing as well as get us out of our student loans as fast as possible. I fell in love with Jamberry when a friend showed me her loot. I was drawn to the designs and was sold when I heard about them being gluten free, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty free, no drying time and made in the U.S.A. All this, make some money AND have cute nails??? Sign me up, I said!

We might be gluten free, legume free, dairy free, egg free, sugar free, and all those other foods I listed above (What do we eat? Think chicken, vegetables and rice) but we’ve come a long way and we’re hopeful for our future knowing that we are trusting our amazing God to bring us through and provide a way for our family.

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5 thoughts on “A Search for Answers

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  2. Amy W

    i am so glad you finally have some answers! Always such a hard path when you are searching for anything and everything and feeling like you’re grasping at straws…and have people (family and friends) looking at you as if you’ve lost “it” completely. Very well written, my friend. Many blessings to you and the family!

  3. Amberm

    It is so frustrating as a parent when you can’t get answers. My son had Epilepsy for two years before we got answers. It’s scary! Glad your getting answers!


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