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Well now that we are settled in (somewhat) we are starting to work on little projects here and there. It has been a lot of unexpected but at the same time, a lot of better outcomes. We still have a ton to do and I still wish HGTV would send someone to do fix up our house all pretty like. But in the mean time I will just keep blogging about our little progress.

One of the things we want to do is open up the stair way. It was just to “tight” so to speak. So we took door frame out and it looks sooo much better! Now to tackle the paint! But first that requires removing all the many layers of wall paper.











Now as we were doing this I was scared. Was there going to be a space in the beautiful trim that is original to the period of the house?



Nope it is still there! They build around it! I was really excited to see that they preserved the beauty of it. They did it in a way where no nails had to go through the beautiful trim! I was really excited! We also found the original banister in our barn! We will be cleaning that up and getting it put back up soon as well.

Some other odd and ends that we have done (that I sadly do not have pictures of) is we started taking up the laminate flooring in the laundry room. We don’t want to do to much with it because eventually it will become a full pantry. But the Popo started taking down some of the massive amount of wood paneling that covers 4 walls. We discovered some beautiful original woodwork on our bay window seat (pictured above)! I can’t believe they covered that beautiful wood up with cheap wood paneling! Now to clean that up and get some gorgeous throw pillows for on it. The kids like to sit on it and read and I will gladly encourage that fascination!

These are just some small quick easy projects we have done. Nothing compared to the whole list of things we need to do. I am thinking the wall paper may take us awhile to get off though. There are at least 3 or 4 layers of it in the dining room.

I will keep posting our progress as we do the work to transform this home to the beauty it is. In case you missed it I am one for loving the original character of this house so we wont be doing anything major in the way of wall removal and such. But I can’t wait to see what this becomes over time. And who knows. Maybe HGTV will come out and help us out! (One can dream right?)


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2 thoughts on “Projects Projects and More Projects

  1. Char W

    I commend you for taking on a project in your home. It’s amazing how big the stairway looks now that you’ve taken those hinges off. We’re remodeling our future home right now. It’s hard work, but worth it in the end.


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