I am back!

I know my site has been- well, quiet. To be honest my life has been a bit chaotic. We have moved and my son is not handling it well even though we did not move from the community we are living in. But this move was not like the others. We bought this house. As you have seen from the project posts. We are in the process of trying to make it our own.

But that isn’t all in our lives right now. We have riding lessons, which my daughter is doing wonderfully on, cub scouts, piano lessons and now basketball. I feel like I am never home! But I must admit it has been nice to step back from electronics and explore. I even had a moment to take some pictures.

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This picture is one I took of a house in an old town that is just south of our home. Makes me so sad to see that this has been left in this condition. It looks like it was a beautiful house at one point.

Taking this shot and everything else going on makes me wish I was a stay at home mom again. Don’t get me wrong, I love my kids at school. They are exactly that “my kids” I see them as more then students. But at the same time. I just feel my life is so chaotic I can not step back and enjoy the things I love any more like my photography. I am always worrying about house cleaning, running errands, work, and trying to find time to sleep. How does one do it? I never realized how much stuff I accomplished when I was home. I took it for granted.

But now I am hoping to slow done. Get into a routine and get back to blogging, photography and enjoying my time with my kids.

How do you handle the chaos in your life to make it easier?

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