Home Makeover Update:

Where is time going?!?!? I am really excited that Christmas break is finally upon us. We have 2 weeks off and man do I have a lot planned! On that to do list- work on small home projects, and baking and my daughter’s birthday!

As you can see since the last update we have started attacking the wood paneling. We took it off in the dinning room and started in the living. But found something we were not expecting so stopped for now. That discovery- LACK OF INSULATION! When we took the panels down we found holes and we could literally feel air coming from the holes. So we patched it for now. But we have to get insulation in there. But that brings us to a major issue this winter. It is cold in here! And due to trying to keep it comfortable we received our first bill for heating up this 3 story 100 year old home- $367! That was just for the month of November! New mission- find a way to keep warm with out killing our income!

But how do you do that when you have a boiler that is ancient (I swear it is from the 50’s)? This is not an easy task. We do have a pellet stove. We have moved it out of the dinning room because that is where the thermostat is. Having it going will only heat up down here and not allow the thermostat to kick on to heat the upstairs. We just need to finish hooking it up so we can use it.  As you can see we are trying to keep cold air from coming through the windows. I need to hunt down some decent curtains. In the meantime, we have some weather plastic on the windows and have resorted to Cars comforters hanging. We now have our down stairs regulated! Somewhat.

We do have the issue of our upstairs. I swear there is at least a 10 degree difference between upstairs and down stairs. So now I need to figure out how to fix that. We have put some weather plastic on the north windows. Shut the radiators off in the rooms we don’t use and shut those doors. I am thinking however, a space heater or two are going to be needed. I just know I need to figure something out because having 2 comforters on our bed should not be needed. But I also can not afford another $367 gas bill.

So that is all updates so far. Starting insulating, tearing down paneling. I also sent in information to hopefully be selected to be on a HGTV show that they were looking for homes to fix up. I hope we get selected. That would be absolutely amazing!

What are you doing to stay warm frugally?

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3 thoughts on “Home Makeover Update:

  1. Debbie L.

    Thermal drapes on all windows has made a huge difference this winter. Our home is old (70 years) and the windows are not the greatest. Plus, we have windows everywhere! Walls of windows! Last years cold weather took a toll on our heating bill. It is amazing how the thermal drapes are helping. We have lived in our home for over 35 years and we finally figured it out!

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