30 Day Plank Challenge ~ Week 2



Ok so I started off this week a bit– Off! I did my day of rest on the wrong day and I did some wrong times on my first week. I did 20 seconds for 3 days then 30 seconds for 3 days then rested on day 7… Opps! SO the first thing I did was get myself back on track and wrote down all the times in my day planner. Here is how it went:

Day 8- 45 seconds. This one went well. I actually had the Popo doing this with me this night and he pushed me to try for 50 seconds. I also ran on the elliptical for about 10 minutes

Day 9- 60 seconds- This was a challenge! Again the popo was home so I did it with his support. I barely made it but proud to say I did it!

Day 10 is where it started getting shaky. I could feel myself getting sick. Stomach pains, just a blah feeling. My kids had been sick with stomach flu the day prior. But I was determined. So I did 60 seconds. It was chopped up. As in 5 seconds, I paused for a few seconds, started up again for 10 seconds, paused again for a second. You get the drift. I finally made it to 60 seconds but to make up for my pauses did a few longer. It went down hill from there.

Day 11 & 12 I was down for the count with the flu. So on day 12 when I was feeling better I did day 11’s 60 second plank with no issues in the morning. Then in the evening I did the 90 second plank- with plenty of issues! It was hard but I did it with only 1 pause at the 35 second mark (some where around there).

Day 13 is a day of rest so I did exactly that and had a date night with the Popo. It was the first one in 6 months and much needed!

Since I had the flu this week my eating has been- well sketchy to say the least. I broke and had one candy bar on Tuesday while I was at school. But other wise I have been sticking to a fairly healthy eating trend. Although I must say- going from Wednesday-Saturday with NO caffeine was torture come Saturday. Being sick meant no soda or coffee… Saturday it was game on with those to get rid of the migraine!

This week now that everyone is on the mend I am hoping to do more elliptical.

Are you doing the challenge? If so how is it going for you?

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