30 Day Plank Challenge Week 3

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More like it has been that kind of week! But it has also gone good! I took my healthiness to the next level and really started adding more cardio to the mix. But to help keep myself on track I signed up for MyFittnessPal last sunday. Here I have been able to keep track of my exercise and actually see what I consume. I have learned a lot from doing that. The biggest thing is- I do not eat normal- and when  do eat- the foods are rather entertaining. But regardless I have stayed under my 1400 calories a day limit that it says I should stay under. I am going to be honest now- My weight last week was 159lbs. My goal weight is 130lbs. But I didn’t lose any either, I weighed myself again today and still way 159lbs (well 159.6 to be exact) and I measured my core-just below the belly button and I am at 37 1/2″ so that needs to go away to0. Yes at first I was mad. But then I realized- I am just starting- it will take time. I need to stick to it.

30 day plank

First I realized the chart I was doing was way more advance then where I am at. I found a beginner chart and their day 14 was exactly where I was at ability wise. It has been going a lot more smoothly with the steady increase vs the in your face increase. So I will be continuing with this method as well. Here is how I did:

Day 14- I did the plank for 65 seconds, I signed up for MyFitnessPal and weighed in at 159lbs with a core of 37 1/2 inches. (Yikes!)

Day 15- I did a 70 second plank, worked on the elliptical for 10 minutes. Diet wise I stayed under my calories, sodium and protein intake while going over some on my sugars and carbs. I guess when you have things like a brat and jello for lunch and BLT’s for dinner that is bound to happen. I am not a breakfast person so it is rare for me to eat in the morning.

Day 16- I just did a 75 second plank. again food wise- I was good on my calories, sodium, and protein intake- but my carbs and sugars were over (especially the sugar).

Day 17- I just did a 75 second plank. I was going to do the elliptical but was bad about that. I was also bad and did not log any of my foods.

Day 18- I did the plank for 75 seconds- spend about 10 minutes on the eliptical. I did a lot better on my foods though- I was under on everything EXCEPT the sugars. And this time I was only 27 grams over so that was better.

Day 19- 80 second plank- again everything good food wise except over on my sugars and carbs. I am noticing a trend here.

Day 20- It was game on! I did Zumba for 20 minutes, elliptical for about 10, and a 85 second plank. I had more sodium then usual but was easily way under on it. I was under on my calories and everything else as well. But as usual- over on my carbs and sugars. Hmmmmm….


Ok so after writing out my diet and what My Fitness Pal has told me I know where I need to work on this week. As you can see so far today I am on the right track, nothing is in the red yet. My goal is to limit my sugars more and be more careful on the carbs. Which honestly- being gluten free that one is funny because I do not eat breads or pastas as much any more. But This week I have been eating baked potatoes for lunches so I am pretty sure that is where it is coming from. But my carbs really are not an issue. I am not over those a lot… The sugars- well I guess I haven’t been as good about it as I thought I have been. My weakness is soda and the fact of when I have coffee I have to kill the taste of it so I add chocolate syrup or hot chocolate to it. Guess it is time to find something else to do with it!

Question of the week- What is your favorite activity to do to exercise?

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One thought on “30 Day Plank Challenge Week 3

  1. Erin S.

    My favorite cardio exercise is dance! I love to do the cha cha holding one of the kids. I used to put them to sleep doing the cha cha or a east coast swing.


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