We have heat!………Sort of!

Well Christmas break is almost over and we have been busy! There was one thing on my to do list that I didn’t get done. That is the office. I was going to attack it. But I need to figure out some sort of storage system for all the craft stuff, the wrapping stuff, the games, our desk, our books, my sewing and more. It needs to be a multipurpose room and I have no clue how to get it there!

Now my last update was about the heating issues. Er, the lack of heat issue I should say. We honestly have not gotten to far on that aspect. To put in a proper energy efficient central heating/air system is probably going to cost us close to $5-$10K and that is not something we just have laying around. Not to mention the popo salary and a special ed para salary is not all it is cracked up to be. Sooo we are trying to find ways to be a bit efficient until we can afford a proper heating/air unit or someone pays for one for us (now where is that rich relative?). In the mean time, we did manage to get our pellet stove going. Although we are learning it has issues (story of our life). It works but it takes a lot of loving touches and wiggles and cleaning to keep it working. When it does work we can easily get our lower level to 70-75 with it and the boiler doesn’t run. But since the stove is not that reliable and we can only run it for a few hours at a time we are in search of a new one to help keep us warm. We have also purchased a space heater from Amazon.com and will hopefully have that soon to help the upstairs levels. We are also coming to turns with the now need to possibly replace windows. As the weather plastic I told you about is literally pulling off because of how much air is coming through. And my daughters window has frost forming on them. We did want a fixer upper so I shouldn’t complain to much. We just thought this was more of a cosmetic one…



Another project we did was starting to refurbish this 34+ year old Dining room set. This belonged to my Grandma and she bought it in the mid 70’s. It came with the china cabinet you see in the background, 6 chairs and actually has one more leaf to go in the center. It is beautiful solid wood. It has been kept up for the most part so we are just going to strip the top and restain to match again. We also had to redo the seats. I didn’t have actual upholstery material so I used some material from curtains I made and can not use. It was really simple- but did take 2 people to do. One chair even had the ugly mustard yellow/greenish fabric from the 70’s still on it!

PicMonkey Collage

I love the new grey color. It looks more natural with the dark wood.  I keep waiting for the big projects to start (electrical update, heating/air, bathrooms) but I guess I just need to  be patient. While I wait I guess I will keep doing little odd projects. Maybe my built in will be next……

Until next time- What is one budget friendly remodeling tip you have?


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8 thoughts on “We have heat!………Sort of!

  1. Debbie

    I am glad you have some heat. I just heard from an air/heat unit you can put in your window. My bro in law just got one and I did not believe how well it worked. It really does. Forgot the name and will have to check

  2. Char W

    It’s always nice to see your updates from the renovation. I’m glad you have heat too, especially this time of year. The weather is always unpredictable.

    1. Kandi Post author

      Thank you Char. I love posting them. I can’t wait until we can really start digging into the renovation. Maybe by the spring time!

    1. Kandi Post author

      Our boiler was doing good. But it was costing way to much to keep it going. We can’t afford almost $400 every month! Glad we finally got the stove hooked up.

  3. Debbie L.

    Heat is good! Last year we purchased a Amish Heater that works great! I keep saying this but insulated drapes make a HUGE difference! Well worth the investment

    1. Kandi Post author

      We do plan on buying curtains as soon as possible. I have a love hate relationship with our stove. I love it, but it appears to be touchy.


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