30 Day Plank Challange Week 4

30 day plank


So this post is going to be short. I will be honest this week did not go well. I did not do any cardio because I have been sick with a cold all week.  I am slowly starting to get better so hopefully this week I can really kick up the cardio.

Diet wise has been shot as well. We got a shipment of Glutino salted caramel pretzels and fudge covered pretzels. Plus it was a food day at work so lots of goodies to eat. But surprisingly I am down .4lbs! I weighed in at 159.2lbs this week! Don’t know how that worked out but hey I will take it. Now for the planks- I am on day 28 today. I honestly forgot to do it last night so I will probably do it twice today! Just a few days left to go then I plan on continuing them while doing a 30 day squat challenge. I have been told I am crazy by the Popo but hey- I want to get in shape!

How has your week gone?

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