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Well, time for another change in our life! For us being a law enforcement family change is just a give in. Well this time- the change is in the Popo’s patrol area. So he recently did some organizing. Took some stuff to his new “office”. But being a state patrolman he mainly uses his cruiser as an office. That means creative thinking on staying organized. Every now and then we get some office supplies from Shoplet that helps us out on it.

One thing he got recently was this 12 Pocket Stadium File. This is probably the most useful item for him. It is small and functional for the cruiser. The tiers allow him to see the labels of all the forms in it. This is important because he can quickly grab what he needs instead of shifting through many files to finally find it. When on a stop people don’t exactly like waiting for him. So being able to quickly grab what he needs so you can be on your way is a must!

The 3 in 1 SuperTab Section Folders are also very useful for his job or even for a lawyer. The multiple pockets make it easy to keep things on a case organized and easy to find. I can also see people like insurance agents finding these useful, or even teachers.

The last item we received were Oversized tab file folders. This one is more for me. As a special education paraeducator I am working with several students in several topics. These folders will help keep my students things organized while I go from room to room the way I do.

All of these folders are great in quality. They are strong and sturdy. For the Popo cruiser and my for my pile of books for students we need items that can stand up to the beating they tend to get.

Be sure to check out Shoplet for some great office stationary products and even some medical supplies.  You can find just about everything you need even if your office is not your standard office building! Also check out their promotional products for some great deals!

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