Lost Warmth~ House Update

It has been awhile since we have given you guys an update! This past month was kind of interesting. We pulled off more paneling off the walls. We also went around the windows and added some new seals to them. Actually- I don’t know what you would call it- my husband put strips of something inside them to help fill in the gaps. That has helped some. We also covered the AC unit that sticks out the kitchen (only form of AC we have for now). We hung some of the curtains I made 2 years ago in the kitchen and laundry room.

Now for the fun stories. We were able to use the stove for a month. Yes- you see the word “were”. That is because about a week and a half ago it caught on fire. And not the kind it was suppose to do either. I am talking flames coming out of parts that are not suppose to have flames. And why- because the brilliant company decided “hey let’s put a plastic piece in a WOOD BURNING STOVE!” Brilliant Right? That was the scariest day. I mean- I always thought it would be my failed cooking attempts that would start our house on fire. Not a pellet stove! Luckily Popo was home and got it out before any damage to the actual house was done. Our house smelt of smoke for the longest time (still kind of does but not as bad). And my daughter is still having nightmares over it and she refuses to put Big Kitty down. She wont even put it down to brush her teeth! So we are trying to figure out how to deal with that. But on the happy side of things. Ok so besides no one being hurt and my house is still standing. The happy is- It didn’t save us ANYTHING. So no big loss.

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Now more good- We discovered this little section of wall when we took paneling off. This is what used to be our front door. It also now confirms what we thought about the odd placement of the switch to the outdoor light. That black square you see next to it is the outdoor switch/living room light switch. The actual door is on the other side of that wall with the clock. Why they didn’t move the switch when they moved the door is beyond me.

I also received some new thermal curtains (top picture) I love the colors! Now I just need rods to hang them, and more curtains for the dining room. But at least soon I will no longer have Cars blankets!

Last project I have done recently is my DIY chalk board. This beautiful built in is in the hall way leading to the stairs. It was ruined by ugly yellow plexiglass. I had to get rid of it and knew instantly I needed a chalk board! So some plywood later and a snow day from school I painted it with my green chalkboard paint. At first I thought black would look better after first seeing it. However, it is growing on me and I think I will leave it.

Over all that is all that we have going on. We were going to put gutters on the house at the end of this month, but the truck broke down on us so those funds went towards that. Maybe some day I will get this place fixed up and safe for our family.


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4 thoughts on “Lost Warmth~ House Update

  1. Erin S.

    Love the chalkboard! I have used chalkboard paint and chalkboard stickers and LOVE them! I recently got some new ones but want to repaint the room we’re putting them in before hanging them.


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