#Project52Photos Week 5

Whimsy & Hope by Sarah Halstead

It is another week for Project 52 hosted by  Marvelous Mommy,Sarah, and Angie. In case you have missed it each week there is a theme. You go out and shoot photos then share your favorite one for that theme! It is a great way to cause you to think about your photography, a great way to improve and a great way to challenge your self.

This past week’s theme was Morning! Normally my mornings are full of chaos and 4th & 5th grade Math all morning,  but here is what this week looked like:


The first picture (above) shows how our week started. Calm, beautiful weather. We got up to 60 a few times. This is the sunrise we were blessed with one morning.


Then it quickly turned! We were only suppose to get a trace but yeah- that didn’t happen we had about 7 inches but thanks to the blowing snow we had well over 4 ft drifts!

025And because of those lovely drifts- we had a snow day! I love watching my kids (all 3 but Little Miss hides from the camera) play in the snow. Here my dog literally charged Little Man as he was leaning over to get a snow ball and plowed right into Little Man’s tush knocking him face first into the snow. It was rather comical and thus the scene for a majority of the morning!  We did have another snow day a few days later and then a late start so this was the scene for most of the week!

This week theme is UNBALANCED! So get out there and take some pictures! Have some morning pictures to share? Be sure to link them up HERE. You can even include Instagram pictures! Be sure to use the tag #Project52Photos on your instagram post!

What are your mornings like?

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11 thoughts on “#Project52Photos Week 5

  1. Michele

    Every time i turn around it seems that snow is falling from the sky. It may or it may not stick–but what is on the ground isn’t going anywhere any time soon–it has been freezing around here. Cold enough that the pigeons seem to be hiding on my 7th floor apartment window sills–until my cat spots them (they do try to hunker down and remain unseen)–no way birds are going to be allowed on HER windowsill!!

    1. Kandi Post author

      We are usually bitter cold in the midwest. But lately our winters have been a bit odd. I wont complain though. I love 60 degree weather.

  2. Jessica

    I am feeling a little unbalanced, but that is because I think we are over schedule. I need to get a better handle on stuff. It throws me off when unexpected weather changes our already tight schedule.

  3. Angie Agerter

    Oh my gosh
    I am in love with all 3 of the morning shots.
    the sunrise is breathtaking, the snowy/frosty/foggy morning is just beautiful, and the playing in the snow made me giggle.


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