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Wow! The past few days have been busy! Ok so this past week has been! But one of the things keeping me busy was – rebranding! We have decided since we are growing up in the blog world we needed a name that better fit our family. So I would like to introduce:

Sweet Country Chaos!

The reason I choose that name is because well- our life is busy! Between baseball, scouts, riding lessons, piano lessons, the Popo’s always changing shift. It has been chaos- but a kind of chaos I will gladly take any day. Because that is who we are which is why it is Sweet Chaos. But we live in the country. I have a lot to learn about the country. I lived in a City for 31 years before moving to a small town- then a 2 years there. So yeah, it is at times comical. Like when I called the Sheriff’s department at night because I thought people were trying to spotlight (hunt from their car) into our pasture. Turns out- it was a tractor- a half mile away! Lot’s to learn, and Lot’s to get used to.

We will slowly be switching our social media to reflect the name change. But I promise you, you will still get Gluten Free recipes, product recommendation, crafts, our home improvement stories/updates, my photography and everything else you are used to seeing from us over the past few years!

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