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Wow! The past few weeks have been non stop. Literally non stop. One day we had our Blue Gold Banquet for cub scouts. Three days later we left to go on a trip with the scouts. We left on a Saturday Morning, returned Sunday evening and left 30 minutes later for bible study. The next day we had school, then a school board meeting, then school the next day, then Pine Wood Derby races that evening for scouts. Well you get the point. I am pretty sure I only saw my house long enough to sleep for about a week.  Between school (which is where I work) and activities I was always on the go. Being Gluten Free, that does not make eating easy. There is no such thing as a “quick meal” for us gluten free folks.

At least that is what I thought. But then I found something that was a life saver. Gluten Freeda brands. The very front of their page says it best:


It goes on below those big beautiful words to say “We know you’re busy. We know there are times you just can’t spend hours in the kitchen preparing a meal. We also know you don’t want to compromise on nutrition or great taste, and you don’t have to. Glutenfreeda offers convenient, amazingly authentic tasting all natural food products that are ready to eat in minutes for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner… for the way you live.”

I could not say it any better than that! They have oatmeal, oatmeal cups, burritos, pizza wraps, pocket sandwiches, cheesecake. Oh my!

My daughter loves oatmeal, so we tried their Apple Cinnamon with Flax. It was really easy for her to prepare on her own. Just grab a packet, put it in a bowl, add some water, microwave and your done! She likes that it had chunks of apples in it and the cinnamon flavor was perfect addition for a cool morning.



I was able to find one of their Burrito’s at one of our stores. They have many kinds but they must be good. The only flavor my store had left was the Beef & Potato Burrito. And even with those- they only had 3 left! So I grabbed those three and went on my way. I could not wait to try one. I added some sour cream and Taco Bell Spicy Ranch to mine. Oh my goodness! It was actually filling and good. My daughter also had one and thought it was really good. The next day I went to grab one for my lunch at school and they were gone! At some point my husband grabbed on. Which for him to eat something that is gluten free is a miracle on it’s own. But he actually liked it. Thought it tasted really good with sour cream and salsa.

I plan on talking to my store to see if we can get some of their other frozen goodies in. If they are anything as good as these burritos I may have just found my saving grace on chaotic weeks like these past few ones have been! I can’t wait to try some of their other flavors!

Check them out on their website.  You can also use their Store Locator to find a store near you that will have their products. Also be sure to check them out on social media!




~I received a coupon in order to purchase the above items to facilitate a review. No other form of compensation was exchanged. Regardless the above thoughts are my own and honest opinions. ~

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