Falling for Cookies Con Amore

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Spring is in the air and my allergies are definitely feeling it! But I am loving the fresh green grass, the rain, the smells of spring. But I am also loving the longer days! It is nice being able to sit out on my front porch and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. But even better if I had some Gluten Free biscotti to go with it!

Then I found some! Cookies Con Amore brings you Italian Cookies made with all natural ingredients including organic butter and free range eggs. It started with Fernanda and Angelo Capraro who were childhood friends in Sant Elia Italy. Cookies were always on hand in their homes to go with the coffee and wine. In 1970 they moved to California and opened a series of Italian Delis and a restaurant in Laguna Beach. In 2005 after having friends request their cookies for weddings, they started Cookies Con Amore. Since the start in 2005 they have grown to include 20 employees, and have an 8,000 square foot bakery.

I received their Spring Assortment box full of gluten free goodness. Just take a look:

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Firs thing was this “Welcome Spring” note. I thought it was really cute. One the back it says “Hello longer Days, how lovely to have more hours for friends and cookies.” I thought that was a really cute saying and I must admit- It is very true!

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When you open up the box you are greeted with beautifully decorated cookies. And oh how wonderful did it all smell. I honestly could not wait to try one! But what to try first? I did break and tried a Raspberry Linzer cookie. Oh my goodness. Luckly there was enough of each kind that I was able to try the all over the next couple of days. Now if you were to ask me which one I liked the best- I wont be able to tell you. They were all really good! They were soft, and moist, full of flavor but not an in your face full on flavor. They seriously were what I have been needing. I miss soft delicious cookies like this! I am definitely going to be purchasing another box when a new assortment comes out!

Now if you are not Gluten Free no worries- they do bake regular cookies as well. For those who are Gluten Free- no fears- they are tested and certified by GFCO. That means inspections, regular testing and ingredient review through out the year.

You can purchase these cookies on their website or at a Whole Foods store near you!

You can also learn more and find great deals on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

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