Let the renovations begin!


It has started to warm up in our area lately. That means we can finally crack down on the house renovation! I am so excited for this part because it means we can finally insulate! Our goal for this summer is to have our lower level completely updated and at least one bath room installed upstairs.

In order to do that part of what we need to do is take down our ceiling. We started that process but before we got there we had a LOT of work to do.


We started with stripping up to 4 layers of wall paper. Some of that wall paper has been on for so long it will not come off! We tried everything. But what seems to work the best is some liquid fabric softener mixed with some warm water. Here we used an empty Febreeze bottle. Poured some fabric softener in and then added water. We didn’t measure it out exactly. Spray it on an area of wall paper and let it is set for about 5 minutes or so to soak through the layers.

PicMonkey Collage

Once we sprayed the wall paper it was fairly easy to just peel it off the walls. Some areas are a bit harder even with the spray. We have one wall we are working on but for the most part wall paper is gone on the lower level and in our bathroom upstairs. We did try the vinegar water mixture but that did not work as well. I highly recommend using fabric softener and water mixture because it does work better, and doesn’t smell awful! So you freshen up your house in the process as well.

As we were pulling wall paper off we did uncover some hidden fun! First we found a whole in the wall that was used to vent a wooden stove. In that hole we found a dead space that is big enough to make something like a built in book shelf. Which means I am on a mission! We will be opening that up and doing one. I hate dead spaces so I try to find some use for them. The other thing we found was some beautiful artwork:

PicMonkey Collage 2

This stenciling goes all around the dining room. We don’t know when it was done but it appears it may have been done in the early 1900’s some time. I love it and wish we could restore it but the plaster walls are needing to be redone. We also found that there was crown molding around the top and on the door frames. We plan on trying to find some that will match the rest of the wood work.

So now that we have a majority of the wall paper off (still fighting with one wall), we are going to start with the ceiling. It is also plaster so that is a messy task. We will be putting insulation in the walls and in the ceiling as well as updating the electrical work and plumbing leading up to the bathroom that is already on the second floor. Then once we get that done we can paint, pull up carpet and refinish the wood floors!

I am excited to get this project off the ground finally! We still have a long way to go but I am excited and can’t wait to show you guys finished projects!

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