National Police Week 2015

Police week 2015 2

This week is National Police week. It starts tomorrow (May 10th) and will end on May 16th. This is a week where we honor, and thank those who are serving and those we have lost in the line of duty.

Last year the nation lost 127 officers in the line of duty. This year- we are already at 42 fallen heros. It is a hard time for the men and women in blue. So I like to try to show those in our area how I appreciate them and appreciate that they have my husbands back. Last year we made some really cute “Police Survival” goody bags. They had some candy like Life Savers, Mounds, ect… And they all had really cute sayings to go with them. We had a brunch to kick off police week and then a dinner mid week.

So far this year I am a bit behind on the process. But I want the guys to know I appreciate them! So a friend and I took some M&M’s and put a cute little saying with them.

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It was really simple to do and took us about 10 minutes. We live in a small community so we really do not have that many to do. I am also checking into getting a dinner catered to them.

Now for my own Popo- I got him a No Greater Love, which I featured a couple of weeks ago. Well today- we went to Hobby Lobby and found the perfect frame for it:


I love the darker wood with a dark blue matte. Once I hung it though- I realized how much work I need to do so that it is hanging on an equally beautiful wall! But that is for another post. But back on topic- I love the work that Jason Bullard does. The way he honors Law Enforcement and Fire and Military is just amazing.

Then I turned to Family Christian Stores. I wanted to find something that gave him inspiration. I found the movie Couragous there. Which if you have not seen I highly recommend it! I also found a really nice wall plaque:

Capture 4

I really like this plaque because my husband puts on his “armor” every day and the verse is so fitting. for Law Enforcement. Every day they put on their vests. the go out and face evils that not everyone can handle. They leave behind their families and only pray and hope that they can return home to them. While people are hiding from danger they are rushing in.  I did also find some really nice mugs:



This is one is my favorite. Again the wording is perfect for Law Enforcement because God is always with them- Blessed are the Peacemakers, for the shall be called Children of God.

So this week- Thank the Law Enforcement you see. Maybe take them a treat. Give them some inspiration. Pray for them.











~I received a $50 gift card for Family Christian Stores, The No Greater Love picture was also received for a past review I wrote. The thoughts though- are honestly my own and honest opinions.~

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