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First- I would like to thank Sarah for featuring my Nature picture from last week! This week is a hard post for me. It is a post of Family. And while I could show you the typical family, my kids, my mom, my dad, my aunts, my uncles, or a family of Lemurs at the zoo. I want to show you a bigger family that I am beyond blessed to be a part of. This honestly is the hardest post I have ever typed up because I am still grieving the loss of that family. The family of blue. I hope that our hosts-  Marvelous MommySarah, and Angie – do not mind me doing this instead of a typical photography post. And to help you understand our Family- I had to share more than one picture and explain a little.

You may not know but an officer dies every 53 hours. Between May 17th and May 24th though- that loss was almost one a day. A total of 6 officers died in the line of duty this past week. So why is this harder on me? One of those was from my hometown- Omaha PD lost Detective Kerrie Orozco on May 20th. On that day with out regard, a monster shot at police, hitting Det. Orozco, just hours before she was to start on maternity leave. See her baby was born 3 months early- and Kerrie wanted to save her leave for when her baby would come home. But that time would not come for Kerrie. As she was taken from us far to early. She was so much more than a badge. She was involved in the Boys & Girls Club, was a baseball coach, a girl scout leader, a step mom to two young kids and so much more. But what many do not realize is that her family doesn’t stop there she was a Sister to thousands:



Flowers we placed on the OPD Memorial a few days prior to the funeral.

This first picture isn’t the greatest. Unfortunately my husband was unable to make it to the funeral. So he watched it on his computer. We were able to stop by the OPD Memorial a few days prior when we were visiting family for a Graduation. There we placed the above blue roses to pay our respect. As to the funeral, there were hundreds of Law Enforcement members that attended. But to give you guys a better perspective I have been given permission by fellow photographer, and LEO, over at Simply You Photography to share some of her pictures:

PicMonkey Collage

Photos provided by Simply You Photography

Photo Courtesy of WOWT’s Facebook page

Photo Courtesy of retired Lt. Dan Ciser- shared from the OPD Facebook page.

See, When Det. Orozco was taken away from her family, she was also taken away from a much larger family. When you become Law Enforcement your family expands to thousands. There were over 400 cruisers full of Law Enforcement to honor Det. Orozco. And this wasn’t just local/state guys either. These were LEO’s from across the Nation. From Texas, Colorado, Missouri, North Carolina, New York and many other places. It took the procession over 2 hours to travel just 7 miles. On this day- a nation laid to rest a Sister. That is the only thing that brings me comfort. To know that even though they did not know her personally- they have her six. They are watching over her and taking over from there. Her family will not be going through this alone, and those men and women in uniform will make sure her kids know what type of person their mom is.  In fact- knowing our family and how protective and supportive we are of each other- is one of the reason I am at peace with my husband being a LEO.

Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called sons of God. 

If you would like to see more photos of our family feel free to visit Simply You Photography and WOWT News or even on the OPD Facebook page (which I highly recommend checking out- it brings tears seeing the support for Kerrie).

If you would like to show us your family feel free to link it up HERE.

Next weeks theme is Light. So get your lens on and get out there and capture it!

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10 thoughts on “#Project52Photos ~Week 21~ Family #KerrieOn

  1. Sarah @ 2paws Designs

    Kandi, this post brought tears to my eyes. “Monster” is really too nice. My heart breaks for the law enforcement family, for her personal family, and her sweet baby. I can’t even.

    Unbelievably grateful to your family, the entire law enforcement family, and our military families. We are blessed to have such strong people looking out for and caring for us all each and every day.

    1. Kandi Post author

      Thank you so much for your kind words. It still brings tears to my eyes and it has been a week since the funeral…. But as the hashtag says- we will Kerrie on!

  2. Marie

    beautiful post! I have complete respect for law enforcement, military and vets. I was shocked when I heard about this on the news.

    my prayers are withyou


    1. Kandi Post author

      Thank you Marie. It did help bring me some closure to write this tribute. I hate to say it- I am used to seeing these stories but not in my own area.

  3. Jeanine

    It is heartbreaking how many of our officers have been slain in the line of duty. Thanks for honoring one of many.

    1. Kandi Post author

      It is really hard seeing story after story. They are all family, we may not know each other personally but we have that bond. For that we keep a blue light on in honor of all the fallen officers.

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