House Remodeling Update!


Yep- the look on this lemur says exactly how I feel about this house remodeling! Ok so both of their looks! The bug eyed one for thinking- what on earth did we get ourselves into and then the evil look because I am totally over the dust by now!

For those who may be confused. Last September we bought an acreage with a house that needs lots of love. It is a hundred years old and I am pretty sure the electrical and everything is all original lol. So we are starting on the main floor over this past week:


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We started with tearing down our plaster ceilings. And boy was that a mess- as you can see with me writing HI on my floor! It is fascinating to see the construction work that they did back in the early 1900’s though. We also found nob and tube wiring as we expected. but the best part- when we were done we pulled up the carpet the floors are in AMAZING shape! I was really excited to see the beauty of the floors. We will need to sand them down and refinish them but that is an easy low cost thing to do on your own. So far on this remodel for the tear down and everything we haven’t spent anything because we are doing it on our own.  Now for the electrical we have spent about $100 on wiring but I believe that will cover at least our main floor.  We also spent $15 on a roll of insulation to stick up above the bay window to keep heat the heat from coming in.

Now that the ceiling is torn down, the walls are stripped of wall paper we will start seeing more of a cost. In these two rooms we will be updating electrical, insulating. skiming the walls so that the cracks are gone and the walls are smooth and level, paint and refinish the floor. For the main level that is all we plan on doing until we get the bathrooms upstairs.  I need to start looking for things like area rugs and maybe a new couch set since ours is ancient. Be watching for posts about how to save on those as well!

What projects are you working on this summer?

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