#Project52Photos Week 23- Movement

Whimsy & Hope by Sarah Halstead

Happy Friday! It has been a busy week here as usual! We actually were able to capture a lot of movement. We were suppose to get some storms and I joked about how it would be cool to capture a Tornado for you guys. Luckily though- all we got was a bunch of rain…. Again! So what to show you out of all the pictures I got? Honestly I had a ton I thought would be fun to share. The popo driving a tractor, the giant hole in our drive way from the earthing “moving” thanks to rain. My dog hitching a ride on our flat bed trailer. But this one I thought was just to fun not to share:

032 copy

This guy was just minding his business “moving” along a corn field. Yep. Nothing like a swim on a warm summer day in the middle of a corn field!

This week was a fun theme to capture. Thank you to our hosts  Marvelous MommySarah, and Angie for choosing this theme!

You can show us your movement by linking up your photos HERE.

Next week’s theme: Below so get out and getting shooting!

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9 thoughts on “#Project52Photos Week 23- Movement

    1. Kandi Post author

      Neither have I! But I grew up in a city so there are a ton of firsts happening to me every day. Like the other night when a deer was just casually strolling down our road…

    1. Kandi Post author

      Some of it is doing really good and growing tall. Other sections like in this picture not so well.


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