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It is officially summer time! I love that my job allows me to be off during the summer with the kids! It makes doing fun things easier to do. This summer we have a few things planned.

Instead of traveling any place to far we will be doing more of a Staycation this year. We will be going to a nearby city that I honestly can say I have never been to in all my years living in this state! I can not wait to go! We will be seeing a rodeo, touring a couple of places. It is just a little 2 day getaway this year but it will still be fun!

We also have some camps planned for the kids. One will be to a church camp, and then the other is just your VBS that you see around towns/cities. Then my son has cub scout camp. Lots of camps! We are also hoping to do some camping of our own at a reenactment (hopefully).

One question I get asked a lot though is how do we do all this with our Gluten Intolerance. Well, we take a lot of our own snacks and foods! For my daughter, the camps are great and provide me with a list of meals/snacks and then I send a gluten free alternative. For VBS our church is great and tries to plan snacks that she can have like yogurt, and fruit based snacks.  One of my favorite brands to use for these things is Glutino.

Now when you camp on your own there is nothing like cooking a farmers breakfast over an open fire, or cooking up brats and burgers over the fire. But if you are in a hotel. That is another story! Most hotels that offer a breakfast do not include gluten free options. Now don’t get me wrong this is slowly changing and more places are setting aside gluten free options. But just in case I make sure to pack things like Glutino’s Toaster Pastries or their breakfast bars for my daughter and I to enjoy. Sometimes I take their bagels and English Muffins and use one of those toaster covers to help toast them if we want something warm.

Now for the snack options if it is for camp, VBS, or even the car ride, Glutino offers a ton of options! They have pretzels, cookies, and now they have Animal Crackers! I was lucky to receive a bag of these. I was trying to good and save these for our trip but I just had to try them. They are sooooo good! Full of flavor, crisp and just…. wow… Even the popo enjoyed them! I am so glad they came out with these. Now to stock up on them for my daughter during the school year (which is another post entirely).

Now for the items we can’t cover by Glutino, like meals. We do eat out. With apps like Find Me Gluten Free it is easy to find a restaurant that offers Gluten Free options. There are places like Wendy’s that you can enjoy a gluten free meal and Red Robins, and if you can Pizza Hut and Godfathers offer gluten free pizza.

I would love to hear from you! Tell us your traveling tips and what your favorite foods are to take along with you during your adventures.


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